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Help support the Chang's through Chloe's recovery

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Please help in any way you can to support this beautiful family through Chloe's recovery from a brain tumour.

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  Manawatu / Whanganui

Nick, Nicole, Mia and Chloe are a beautiful little family. They are such selfless caring people who are always there to help and support their friends and family in any time of need.

Now its our turn to help them through a time in their lives that no one should ever have to go through.

They have had a rough few months with their little 2.5 year old Chloe being constantly unwell.

First Chloe was diagnosed with Coeliac disease but after doing all they could to get her better from this, she was only getting worse.

The worst news came after an MRI and Chloe being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

She has been flown urgently to Starship for surgery. This will come with a lot of time away from work.

These funds will go towards supporting the family through Chloe's recovery and any bills that come up along the way.

Cathryn Low's involvement (page creator)

Nick, Nicole, Mia and Chloe are amazing friends of ours, more than that, they are like family.

Use of funds

Supporting Chloe and her family through the recovery journey ahead.

Latest update

I have attached Nicole's updates of Chloe's journey at Starship.   8 September 2019

Posted by: Cathryn Low

August 22nd - Chloe's about to have the first surgery. They will drill a hole in her little head put a drain in and remove all the fluid around the tumor.

The brain surgery to try remove the tumor should happen on Tuesday. We will know the full extent and everything at a later date.

Her first surgery went well. The tube will stay in until Tuesday draining the fluid around the tumor. (Still can't believe I'm saying these words) Under GA tomorrow for a MRI on her spine. She is one tough cookie. Were extremely proud of her!!.

August 23rd - On Tuesday Chloe will be having major surgery. Unfortunately it is brain cancer. And is the size of a small apple. I can't go into to much detail just yet but its aggressive. We wont know the extent until surgery or what treatment plan she will be on until then. We NEED her to pull through this. we will be here for a few months. Immediate family will start arriving from tomorrow to be here with us.

August 25th - The MRI has revealed 3 more growths. 1 in another part of Chloe's brain and 2 in her spine.

These 3 wont be removed surgically these will be blasted with chemo and radiation. Each minute closer to Tuesday is more terrifying and my chest gets tighter and tighter. Our Chloe girl is so strong tho she's got this & has an army behind her 👊❤

August 27 - Took 7 hours but shes out!! Shes doing well!! They said it was very big they got most of it out They couldn't get it all as some is stuck in some places and invaded other spaces MRI tomorrow! Will be a very long road to recovery but the surgery is done. Thank you all so much for your support. We will be in Auckland a few months!! We simply don't have time to personally message everyone. Sure everyone can understand that. Our baby needs us and we need her xx

August 30 - Good and bad news. Long story short the massive tumor that was found has almost been completely removed but the surgeon found lots of other spots of cancer in her brain and spine that can only be attacked by radiation and chemotherapy. His words were shes "riddled in cancer" we now need to wait 3 weeks for her to heal to start the therapy this is devastating news but she will push through. this is a start to a very long journey and a very long time away from home but we are right were we need to be and in very safe hands

September 1 - After Chloe's brain surgery our little girl had a stroke, her whole left side has been paralyzed like since! I kept telling her daddy it would come right before the week and as you see here it has she has great movement in her hand and her leg too. Good job baby. You've got this 👊 getting stronger by the day within the next week I'll bet shell be able to sit up by herself too 🤞😍

September 2 - Met the oncologist today prognosis is lower the expected 💔 we will be here for the next 6 months plus as she needs 6 cycles of extreme hi dose chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is off the table as she is under 3 years old and could severely affect her brain development. This is excruciatingly painful news. There are 4 sub groups of the cancer, she sits in one of the 2 worst ones with the information we have so far. Words cannot describe how were feeling right now. We weren't expecting to here most of these words it's much much worse then we anticipated. We would do anything to wish we were exaggerating right now!! Cancer can f#** right off!!!

September 5 - WOOHOO we have passed level Brain surgery. The EVD draining her spinal fluid has just come out and does not need a shunt!! We are so proud and soooo happy she doesn't need the shunt. Her spinal fluid is processing by its self as suppose too!!!

Nick & Nicole are so very grateful for all the donations you have all made, Chemo starts for beautiful little Chloe on Tuesday and they will be at Starship for this for the next approx 6 months.

Let's all do what we can to ease the financial stress of being away from work/home so they can focus on their family and supporting Chloe through this.

Your support is truly appreciated xoxo

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$13,910 donated

Given by 258 generous donors in 10 weeks

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