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Help Tawa MenzShed Get Off The Ground

  • Phase 1 is Completed

      22 August 2018
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    We have now completed phase 1, quite a transformation, still need help to support payment of all this hard work and further work to be done.

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  • MenzShed will be a wonderful facility in the Tawa community

      13 April 2018

    This post was recently shared by Camilla Watson of Corlight programmes:

    Men can have a tendency to bottle things up and keep things to themselves. Whether that's due to historic biological necessity to be seen to be coping (so a young whipper-snapper doesn't challenge for Alpha position) or whether it's to do with the great Kiwi "She'll be right" and "Do it yourself" attitudes I'm not sure; probably a bit of both. But the fact remains many men feel they don't have good friends, and they can be really slow to let it out and talk about their challenges. As a counsellor and life coach I wish they'd do the same 'sharing' they do when the car is spluttering or they need more speed from one of their toys. "Hey mate! Whadya recon 'bout...." But they tend not to.

    Chatting to someone about emotional, life, or stress issues DOES help relieve the burden, and with the right support new strategies can be put in place and can be totally life-changing. Identify where that 'squeak' is really coming from and you have a real opportunity to fix it.

    MenzShed will be a wonderful facility in the community, an opportunity for men to share time and space, and skills and knowledge, or just simply get together in a supportive environment. Simply providing this outlet can build new friendships and lead to reductions in stress.

    So a big "Well Done" to Wellington locals Anne and Howard from SMARTWAY BUILDERS who are extensively supporting this MENZSHED project . CORLIGHT Programmes is thrilled to be able to help out, and maybe you'd like to join in too.

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  • (Re)construction of Tawa MenZshed is underway!

      28 February 2018
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    (Re)construction of Tawa MenZshed is underway!"

    The floor of our MenZshed space is mainly gravel. So the first job undertaken by our principal sponsor Smartway Builders is to lay a new level raised floor, and progress is steadily being made.

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