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To help Kas and Nic rebuild their home after a devastating fire.

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Kas, Nic, Frankie and Rio are a family that have opened up their home, their whenua and their hearts to so many. They have shared their whare with the community and lost their entire home and belongings in a fire that ravished it all on 5th September and have small contents insurance but sadly have no insurance to replace all of it. As humble people they are facing this head on and rolling with whatever comes their way. We have started this page to open the way for anyone who would like to contribute to help build up their home again piece by piece. Their vision for The Nest - Waihi beach, was for the community. Now is our time to bring the community to them. Arohanui x

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The biggest thank you to you all ❤️  24 November 2020

Posted by: Nik Morais

We are doing good thanks to all of you. We are back on the land which feels really good. We finally just got our caravans properly set up so we are just starting to settle now. It still feels like a long way off till we will have a home but we are getting there and have started to take steps towards it.

We have had some insurance from our friends come in and some other fundraisers so we are just looking at relocatable homes and seeing what options our builder friends might have for us.

One thing we know is that with all that has been raised we will have a home again in some shape or form, we will have a home. It feels reassuring to know this. I wouldn't say exciting to be honest as it's a little more daunting the thought of starting all over again after just completing our home after 3 years of non stop building and creating it ourselves but definitely reassuring. Perhaps once we know what will be replacing our old home the excitement will come. For now though we are just trying to settle in, find a new pace of life after the whirl wind of the past 3 months. Just trying to find our new state of normal where we can actually live life rather than what felt like survival mode.

We are slowly chipping away. Girls are good too. Rio isn't phased in the slightest by anything big happening around here but if she had the wrong socks on then that would be hard for her to swallow. Frankie feels everything a little more and has had her moments of weighing life was different but she is able to move on pretty well.

These are all important lessons for us to learn and I really know there is allot of growing happening with us all when we come out the other side. But as always, there are a lot more worse off than us so we are not here to complain. I am definitely still just doing my best to take things slow.

Once the Love Fest (a party we are holding to celebrate this life which you are welcome to join us at) is over in a couple of weeks then we have nothing planned. I look forward to getting back to a kind of normal pace of life. with this in mind, unfortunately we just found out yesterday that Frankie has got a few bugs which are not good for her lungs as she has Cystic Fibrosis so it was unfortunate news. Just means another hour of treatments on top of what we already do every day for a few months. It will be challenging managing her treatments, sterilizing and sorting all the medications in the caravan but as always, there is a way around it all. I guess in a way there is a reason why I made no plans for the next few months and assumed to take it slow. the universe knows. I guess so I can be here to do what needs to be done. Frankie has had such an amazing run for a couple of years but this is her reality. So on we go. The only way is forward.

I think the next couple of months will just slow down even more as a result which is probably just what we all needed. Life has its own plan and my mantra is definitely just to go with the flow of it at the moment which serves me well. just let go of any control and ride the waves.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped us get to this point. That a new home is within reach and in our sights. We are forever grateful and I have already started trying to pay it all forward whenever I can. Kas, Nic, Frankie, Rio and animals xxx

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