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Help the Craw Whanau Rebuild

Cause page created in the Disaster category by Nik Morais for Kas and Nic Craw

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To help Kas and Nic rebuild their home after a devastating fire.

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Kas, Nic, Frankie and Rio are a family that have opened up their home, their whenua and their hearts to so many. They have shared their whare with the community and lost their entire home and belongings in a fire that ravished it all on 5th September and have small contents insurance but sadly have no insurance to replace all of it. As humble people they are facing this head on and rolling with whatever comes their way. We have started this page to open the way for anyone who would like to contribute to help build up their home again piece by piece. Their vision for The Nest - Waihi beach, was for the community. Now is our time to bring the community to them. Arohanui x

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To pay for the rebuild.

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Our turtles new home 🏡   13 September 2020

Posted by: Nik Morais

With gracious love from the Craw whanau a sweet message for you “One week on since we arrived back to our devastated home. I still remember the sense of peace and acceptance that I felt that I am still quite unable to understand. Though I realise now, it’s because the expected reaction is to breakdown. I really felt 100% attached to this home we spent every waking minute dedicated to creating for the past almost 3 years. Every minute, every evening we were creating and building our home. With our own hands we stained each piece of timber that lined our ceilings, hunted for specific pieces, drove across the country to pick up second hand goods, crafted together to make wall hangings which lined our walls. So so so much love and effort and we were only a few months off finishing.

I really expected to be heart broken, I cannot fathom right now to start again, I have no vision in my mind of how that would even look, it was perfect, it was everything we wanted. At this stage, starting again doesn’t even look possible financially. But somehow, I still find myself in this space of peace and acceptance. I cant help but see that there is a bigger picture for all of this, and if I let go of control and just accept that, I am able to be at peace. This week has been full on, it has been overwhelming, life has been flipped on its head. Yet my head has remained in this space of counting our blessings. Seeing every thing that went right. For the tragedy it has been, it could have been so much worse. And this is all I can see right now. With the love and support we have received this week, I cannot help but count our bleesings and just feel this love each and every day. It is all of you that has helped us stay in this bubble. In this space. It is all of you who have carried us through this time. Provided us food, shelter and clothes. Basic necessities that I never would have thought I would have to rely on others to provide. But here I am, learning lessons, learning to ask for help, learning to accept help. And this is hard, this is not in our nature. But I know we need it right now. We realised this week that we would not be here right now if it was not for all of you giving us hope. Right now we do not know what the future holds. But we are taking each day, and each day we wake up happy, surrounded by love. We live in hope for what may be, but each day our future changes, the future is very much unknown, but this is a way of lide I realise now I have been trained for since I was young, through my parents and my childhood experiences, through my children. All of these past experiences have lead us to this point, and I am grateful for this that I am able to be at peace with where we have found ourselves, open to what may lay ahead and accepting to what has come to pass. Going with the flow of life, the journey of life, This has happened, we cannot change it, we can only ride this wave and see where it leads us. We are a small part of this universe, a small moment in time, there is a much bigger picture, beyond our control, and the more we can flow with it and allow ourselves to be lead, the more we find our true purpose and place in this world.

Yesterday, was the new moon. How perfect that yesterday marked the first day of our rebuild. The rebuilding of our turtle enclosure which was destroyed in the fire. Our land yesterday was once again filled with love, energy, children and friends. Community and families, coming together for a greater purpose. How perfect this is is beyond words. Endlessly grateful and in awe of the power of humanity during this time. The selfless giving, love and support. People uniting. Sharing. Laughing. Crying. Caring. Giving. Loving. All as one.“ love Kas, Nic, Frankie, Rio and🐱 🐢 🐓 🦆. Here is a snap of T-rex, Rhiodum and Franklin our turtles.

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Paul and Ali Stark
Paul and Ali Stark 3 days ago
Hope all is going well with the rebuild.
Aunty Dot
Aunty Dot 3 days ago
Thinking of you guys. All the best.
Sally 3 days ago
Best wishes guys x
kerrie 4 days ago
I don't know you guys, but during our time of need this year with my husband's battle with cancer and losing his job , so many people helped us through. Now I feel it's our turn to pay it forward. Kia kaha
Terry 5 days ago
Wish you guys well.

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