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To assist to pay for emergency treatment following haemorrhage after routine castration for Mede our Labrador pup.


Mede is an 8 month old purebred choc Labrador retriever. He was adopted by our family after losing our 14 year old lab. Sadly we discovered he had entropian lower eyelids so have been saving to get that done. Yesterday was surgery day and as it would be irresponsible to breed from him I decided to neuter him in the one treatment but Its been a horrific 24 hrs with Mede. His castration surgery has ended up being a nightmare. It went well but in recovery he haemorrhaged badly. They bleeding wasn’t being controlled so they have given him plasma transfusions, vit k and fluids and things were not looking good. When they rang they believed he was not going to make it but would do their best. Several vets have worked through the night and he’s made it through. Is awake and alert but very very sick. He’ll be there for some time yet.

The bill is over $3k so far.

Insurance has declined as castration is deemed elective and therefore any complications are not covered.

Use of funds

Emergency Vet treatment to save his life.

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As good as new   29 January 2022

Mede has been home over a week now and is bouncing back so quickly. We’re waiting on blood test results to confirm haemophilia so will be good to know for sure. He’s eating well, playing and being as cheeky and naughty as ever

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Jan 2022
Tracey Blake

Thank you so, so much xxx

Tracey Blake
Brown on 16 Jan 2022
Tracey Blake

Thank you so much. Love Mede & his Mum xxx

Tracey Blake
Peta-Marie on 15 Jan 2022
Loads of Love Teddy and Mila xx
Tracey Blake

Thank you Mila and Teddy and your darling Mum xxxx

Tracey Blake
Lisa on 14 Jan 2022
Good Luck Tracey & Mede ❤️ Lisa, Nicole & Lola 🐶 Pitcher
Tracey Blake

Lisa and family, thank you so much xxxxx

Tracey Blake
Kirsten on 14 Jan 2022
Love and hugs from Meadow and Clover.xx
Tracey Blake

Oh thank you so much Kirsten, Meadow & clover xxxxx

Tracey Blake

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