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Help us save our beautiful mum

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Our beautiful, young mum Bronagh, has spent her career as a nurse helping others, now she needs your help to fight cancer.

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A few weeks ago, we all received a phone call that we will never forget. The most beautiful, strongest soul and rock of this family, our mum Bronagh, who is only 55, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that has now spread to her liver and lymph node.

Our Mum is the sort of person who throughout her life has not only put us first, but everyone else around her. Mum has been a nurse for over 30 years, giving the best care in the most loving way to those in need, with some being in a similar position to her current situation. She now finds herself being the one needing the love and support. We admire mum's strength and courage, especially as a single parent, but we need help to save our mum who has done so much for us and others.

Sadly, our grandfather, our mum’s dad, passed away at the age of 64 with the same disease, leaving mum adamant cancer would not be a part of her life. Anyone who knows our mum knows how dedicated to a healthy lifestyle she is. Mum has never smoked and never drunk alcohol. She runs daily, meditates and eats an organic diet, always making sure everything that goes into her body is nothing but the best. This has been her life for as long as we can remember, so it is heart breaking to say that despite keeping herself as healthy as she could, cancer still found her.

Mum has been told that the treatment recommended by the medical system has a less than 20% cure rate with a high chance of the cancer returning. This left mum feeling devastated and with a difficult decision to make. After a lot of research mum has found hope again in The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico which offers integrative cancer treatments. The Oasis of Hope Hospital is a researched-based treatment clinic which was established more than 50 years ago. The Hospital has a high rate of patients going into remission from cancer and maintaining quality of life. This is an expensive non-funded treatment, and an ongoing one, as mum needs to continue to take supplements and maintain a strict diet upon coming home and will have to return to Mexico for further treatments.

After taking all things into consideration, including the cost of both treatment overseas and ongoing care at home in New Zealand, we have calculated that this will cost $97,000 NZD. While it may seem a lot, this is what we need to ensure mum receives the best care and has the highest chance to live the long life she deserves.

Our mum has given us everything including unconditional love and support, which we are grateful for every day. She is so young with so much life ahead of her and so much love to give. Mum still has weddings to attend, grandchildren to hold…. we refuse for this to be the end for her. As a very private and proud person, it is hard for Mum to reach out and ask for help, so we are asking the public to help us save our mum. We cannot do this alone. So if you are able to show your support for the angel that is our mum we would be so grateful. No matter how little, anything at all will go a long way and mum will be forever grateful.

Kieran, Niaombh & Connor

Niaombh Slattery's involvement (page creator)

Myself (Niaombh) and my two brothers Kieran and Connor are Bronagh Moloneys children. We are setting this page up on behalf of her to raise funds for her non-funded cancer treatment.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to pay for Mum’s alternative treatment programme at The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, which will include returning for treatment and ongoing costs.

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Returning to Mexico for second round of treatment   13 September 2020

Posted by: Niaombh Slattery

Hi everyone thank you for your support over the past few months and a big thank you to Marie Wade who gifted us our return flights to Mexico, it was definitely one less thing to stress about. Mum is due to go back to the hospital in Mexico in a couple of weeks where once again we will update you daily on her progress. We have chosen over the last 3 months to have family time and a bit of privacy as this was an important time for mums healing process and a chance for us to spend time as a family.

Mum is doing really well however initially the home treatment was making her feel unwell and not quite her self but the strong women she is, she has powered on through and is staying positive. It definitely hasn’t been the easiest 3 months but we are all looking forward to the results when mum returns to the hospital in Mexico.

Again we thank you all so much for your support it means so much to our family. Unfortunately this battle is not over yet and we still have a long way to go. We would appreciate it and be so grateful if you can keep sharing mums give a little page and help us reach our goal. It’s not an easy thing to ask for help like this but like in our original post, we can not do this alone.

Thank you to all the amazing people for sending love and prayers and your contributions. Our family is forever great full.

Kieran, Niaombh and Connor

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Latest donations

Tawhirimatea Unit
Tawhirimatea Unit on 09 Sep 2020
Our thoughts and best wishes to you Bronagh from psych nurses and associated collegues at Tawhirimatea Unit and A/hrs Coord. M.R., at Porirua Hospital
Katia on 06 Sep 2020
Wish you well and strength.
Shaunybear on 05 Sep 2020
Sending Kieran and his family love and strength. From your rugger brotha
Sharon on 04 Sep 2020
Praying for good results Bronagh. We want you back. Luv, Sharon
Rosaleen on 04 Sep 2020
I’ll be with you in spirit every step of the way, beautiful lady 🌹Love y’a, Bronagh XX

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