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Help Victor through his journey with bone marrow cancer

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Help Victor with the added financial stressors during his long & hard journey ahead.

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Hi everyone, our 21-year-old son Victor got up Monday morning the 15th of July ready for work and told his beautiful partner Dani that his left eye was blurry, they had a small discussion which involved Dani putting her foot down and taking him to the local GP. The GP noted some haemorrhaging on the retina and referred Vic to the eye clinic at Wellington hospital, the nurse at the clinic then called in the eye specialist who referred him onto a ward for blood tests. The blood results showed haemoglobin 47, RBC 1.4, WCC 2.5, Neutrophils 0.6, platelets 9, monocytes 0.00, lymph 1.7 and reticulocyte 5. Something was clearly amiss. Vic rang us to say he had been admitted on a ward and was about to receive the first of many blood transfusions.

We immediately began the 6-and-a-half-hour journey to the hospital, informed our 7 other children and by the next morning were listening to various provisional diagnosis from the blood cancer consultant on the ward. After a week and a half of transfusions, bone marrow biopsy and blood tests Vic has been given a diagnosis of a trifactor disease; myelodysplasia, aplastic anaemia and paroxysmal-nocturnal-haemoglobinuria. In short, his options are death or bone marrow transplant.

Victor has a long and horrific road in front of him, a battle for his life, every step of the way fraught with life threatening procedures; the chemo designed to annihilate his own marrow, the marrow transplant with all the potential infections that occur when you have absolutely no immune system whatsoever and the months of surviving the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical onslaught.

Any donations will go toward the alleviation of financial stressors for Victor and support for the donor who has to step out of their own life to hopefully give their own life-giving bone marrow.

Many people who know and love our Vic have asked how they can help, so this give a little page is a way to demonstrate that care and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ka nui te aroha kia koutou.

Kathryn Richmond's involvement (page creator)

Victor is our youngest of 8 children by George and Janessa Richmond.

Use of funds

The money will go straight into an account created specifically for Victor to use for living and added expenses over the course of his journey (18 months).

Latest update

TRANSPLANT   17 October 2019

Hi again everyone, another update for you all on victor and the transplant process so far. So on the 10th of October, Hori was admitted to Wellington hospital and early the following morning he was taken into theatre to have his bone marrow extracted, they expected to take about 1 litre, however they ended up removing 1.7 litres which was more than sufficient for what Victor needed. The amazing part is, the team needed at least 2million stem cells per litre of marrow, and Hori had 3.9 million per litre! The marrow was given Victor later that evening with his family surrounding him, and he is being carefully monitored in isolation until everything starts looking good. He will then move to the Ronald McDonald house where he will stay until we reach day 100 after the transplant. He is doing really well and everything seems to be on track, the doctors still have him on a very low dose of chemo to act as an immunity suppressant, allowing the stem cells to be slowly introduced to his body. Hori is recovering well and we are all very grateful for Gods hand over this journey. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers !

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    Guest Donor on 01 Dec 2019



  • Geovert Boddington WA

    Geovert Boddington WA on 29 Nov 2019


    From all the Geovert Team here at Boddington Goldmine. Good luck with your treatment and get well soon bro.


  • Glen

    Glen on 07 Nov 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 07 Nov 2019


    God bless you Vic.


  • Stephen

    Stephen on 07 Nov 2019


    Good Luck Victor. It looks like you have a great family and team behind you.


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$19,930 donated

Given by 254 generous donors in around 4 months

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