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Help Will by supporting James doing the Coast to Coast

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Please support Will for his ongoing needs and to get him some new equipment (e.g new buggy) so he can experience life!

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Will is thirteen years old and is severely disabled due to a genetic disorder, known as mecp2 duplication syndrome .

He is restricted to a wheelchair for mobility.

Will is non verbal, but he has a kind and loving aura. Will is extremely resilient and tough. Despite all his challenges he maintains a wonderfully positive spirit.

He endures numerous health issues associated with his condition and seizures are a daily occurrence.

The funding via ‘give a little’ is to support Will’s increasing mobility and accessibility needs, and to provide him with more lifestyle options.

Because Williams condition is genetic he is not applicable for any ACC funded

mobility equipment or grants.

I am competing in the coast to coast on February 9th 2019, and by sponsoring me you will be helping pay for Will’s on going needs

Luckily, I am very focused, (slightly mad) and a keen man, because I need to cover the 243km course in one day.

Details of the event: The Longest Day competition is the World Multisport Championship race. Covering the same course as the two-day event but with the entire 243km course covered in one day. This is the ultimate multisport challenge and requires not only good fitness and skills, but a good dose of mental fortitude.

Any support you can provide would make the life of Will easier and more enjoyable.

Thank you for your support!


Use of funds

The funds will be used mobility equipment to make Williams life easier and more enjoyable.

In the future I hope to be able to find a rental property that is more suited to the needs of my son,(hopefully), one with an accessible bathroom.

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    James you are a hero,


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    All the best to you and your boy James


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    Robert & Carola on 25 Jan 2019


    Go hard, be safe & make your kids proud !


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james culley


Father of

Disabled son

All funds raised benefit

my son "William"

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of james culley on behalf of my son "William".

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“Culley you big speed demon. Good luck with it all. Make sure you carb load on xmas day in preparation. Van”
“Good luck for the coast to coast James! Merry Christmas to you and Will 😊”
“All the best with the training mate”
“Great work Jimmy and Will! All the best for your race build up and Merry Xmas :).”
“Go Jimmy. Yell out if we can help.. have plenty of beds. We’ll be there on the day!😀”
“You guys are awesome!!”
“Good luck James you and your lad deserve all the help you can get .. Haooy Christmas🎄”
“Thinking of you buddy.”
“Awesome work Jim, what a great way to help Will’s. Keep the training updates coming - makes me feel nice and lazy 😂”
“Good luck James!”
$6,120 donated

Given by 42 generous donors in 2 months


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