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I want to go home

8 days ago

Dianne asks

I done some research and I have found out if your family in New Zealand Contact their local MP

and the officials should be able to apply for an exemption for travel...and apply on your behalf for an emergency allocation for MIQ.

Currently there are 1800 spaces in MIQ and 30,000 people trying to get home.


Hi Dianne, thank you for doing some research and looking into this. unfortunately, this is one of the avenues we have tried a few times. We don't get a response. The latest I did was sent a link of the news article and fundraiser hoping they would realise the attention my situation had garnered but to no outcome. If you go to the facebook group "grounded kiwis" you will see there are 1000s of kiwis who have tried to get the emergency allocation :( unfortunately these are going to the wiggles, sportsmen and google executives. I will always try again - and thank you again for your support

nic connett
10 days ago

Dianne asks

Hi Nic. I have a kiwi friend with contacts in Thailand. She would like to speak to you first? (To see if she can help)

Please email me your contact email to:

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11 days ago

Jason asks

Hi Nic,

You have a wonderful wee family, sorry to hear of your misfortune.

I wish I could help more.

I went to Thailand in feb2020 and got back just before lock down. Pocket was our Las leg and I loved it so much.

My thai partner showed me her home town an we visited other parts as well.

You mentioned your visa has been extended 6 times an now you are staying illegally. What happens next in the immigration process due to the covid ramifications. Surely there's not much authorities can do.

My friend in Chang Mai may require a relief English teacher, why don't you drop him a line. He is from Canterbury, I was born in Napier but now live in Timaru.

I hope you can return back soon.

His email is

Good luck


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