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I want to go home

  • New MIQ announcement

      15 October 2021

    It looks like we missed out on the latest MIQ allocation, again :( . Many kiwis have missed out over the last month. But it now means we will be here for even longer than we anticipated without being able to get back to NZ. going to keep chipping away at the emergency application!

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    • 15/10/2021 by Dianne

      I have done some research and I have found out if your family in New Zealand contact their local MP, the officials should be able to apply for an exemption for travel...and apply on your behalf for an emergency allocation for MIQ.

      Currently there are 1800 spaces in MIQ and 30,000 people trying to get home.

  • Overwhelmed with the amazing support!!

      13 October 2021
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    Words won't suffice to express our level of gratitude to the amazing support and donations from all around the world we have received over the last 2 days...I don't think anyone ever wants to burden other people with their problems - kiwi's especially can be notorious for our silent suffering - but in our case having months and months of no response from our elected officials, embassy's not responding to emails or picking up their phone, and absolutely at the end of our abilities to "wait and shelter in place" we needed to speak up!

    Sometimes, especially in these recent years of extreme stress for all of us, It can feel like we are not a community or our frustrations can get the best of us; but looking at the incredible response and kindness my family has received has re - energised us to keep pushing on in our navigating a way to get back to NZ. Bless you all and thank you again for the amazing support. My partner, baby haze and I thank you.

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