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Kiwi family, stranded overseas for over a year. Please help get us home.


Hello! I am Hazel. I am almost one and live in Thailand with my dad and mum.

My dad is a teacher. Mum is a teacher too. Dad and mum were heading back home to New Zealand in March 2020. Dad's work contract was finishing and it was time to go home and see poppa! but then their plane tickets were cancelled and very shortly after that the borders closed. When the pandemic came to Thailand every school shut down and most of the businesses shut down too! Dad's job tried to help him by extending his contract beyond the finish date but ultimately with schools closed and enrolment very low his work was forced to make him redundant and he lost his job in November 2020. Since then he has been staying illegally in Thailand as his work visa was cancelled and his family healthcare was cancelled at the same time his work ended. We have pinched our pennies to pay our rent and food. Waiting for a spot to get into MIQ watching our savings going down and down all the while. In July this year, mum took a 20% pay cut and only works part-time now as a teaching assistant. Our situation has become desperate.

Now, we can't afford the plane tickets to get back to NZ. We can't afford the rent where we live and basic living costs to stay safe while we " wait and shelter. " Until we are allowed to go back home. Dad has emailed, called, direct messaged, blogged, posted all the official people here and in New Zealand... No one replies to our family. Dad and Mum have tried to get MIQ 4 times, but the MIQ people say our situation is not desperate enough.

Thailand has over 20,000 cases of COVID a day and has had for over 5 months now. If dad or I get sick we can not afford to go to hospital now. We can't afford to leave the country even if an emergency spot was given to us.

We just need to get home at this point. My mum and dad have run out of their savings and need your help.

Thank you, Hazy

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plane tickets and cost of living until we can get back to home

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New MIQ announcement  15 October 2021

It looks like we missed out on the latest MIQ allocation, again :( . Many kiwis have missed out over the last month. But it now means we will be here for even longer than we anticipated without being able to get back to NZ. going to keep chipping away at the emergency application!

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Oct 2021
Melissa on 16 Oct 2021
Justine on 15 Oct 2021
Hoping you can get back to New Zealand soon1
Ricki on 15 Oct 2021
I’m sorry to hear about your experience with MIQ. Let’s hope the government brings in self isolation by the new year for you and your family to get back ASAP.
Anne & Graham
Anne & Graham on 15 Oct 2021
Hi Nic Best wishes for you to make it back to NZ soon
nic connett

Hey Anne & Graham. I used to live with a couple called Anne & Graham. I wonder if this is you? Thank you so much for your generous donation. Really appreciate it

nic connett

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