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Jessica's Journey.

  • We Need Your Help.     11 August 2019
    Posted by: Sarah Rowland
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    An update for our wonderful supporters.

    If you have donated before - THANK YOU!! It would help us further by sharing our page with contacts and friends.

    We are in desperate financial circumstances while treatment is is still taking place for Jessica.

    Unforeseen issues in treatment means we have been here for a much longer period of time than we anticipated - we have had NO financial support for almost EIGHT months other than the initial donations from our wonderful Give a Little sponsors and relying on my brother's family to help with accommodation and groceries.

    On top of everyday costs and travel to hospital appointments we now also have the issue of three passports to renew and flights back home at some stage. Our serious financial situation is also going to severely impact with Jessica's treatment and recovery.

    If anyone can help us further with donations we would be extremely grateful!

    Thank you so much,

    Sarah x

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  • Time For The Hard Work.     4 February 2019
    Posted by: Sarah Rowland
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    We made it to Perth thanks to our wonderful our amazing supporters. The flight went well but as soon as Jessica was discharged she severely restricted eating and drinking so had an emergency admission in to Perth Children's Hospital within a few days.

    We urgently need your help to cover travel, extra medical costs and living costs while we are here. If you can help or share our page to others who can do so that would be wonderful.

    Thanks for your support and generosity.

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