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John desperately needs modern hospital treatment, there is no other choice!!

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We need urgent help to cover the costs of Medevac / Air Ambulance flights. We have been quoted up to $NZ85,000.00 and other medical costs.

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With the funds raised we have been able to send over a nurse to PnG to assist with John's care. He has improved enough that we are now able to fly him out on a commercial flight under the escort of the nurse!! The cost of this will be approx $20k which is much more manageable.

The family has been deeply humbled by the wide support shown by the everyone. A sincere thank you to everyone who has donated already. Your help have truly allowed John to get home to his family.

John became seriously ill with Dengue Fever and Pneumonia with complications while working as a marine engineer on the Fly River. (PNG), He was taken to Kiunga Hospital - the local hospital is poorly equipped to help and he was unable to be flown out for 7 days as serious complications set in. (Flown by air-ambulance to Port Moresby).

Now back in Port Moresby General Hospital they do not have the resources to treat him and he has developed huge weeping deep pressure sores over his back and hips. He cannot sit, stand, move or stand. The nursing staff have not been turning him and the pressure sores are now totally disgusting!! Along with pneumonia & breathing complications. The list of complications gets longer every day.

John is dad (to 13yr old Levi and 3 grown daughters), a much loved brother to his sisters and uncle. Like all families we just don’t have the kind of money needed to bring John home urgently by Medevac / Air Ambulance (medical flights with a doctor and nurse).

No family likes to ask for help, but we don’t want our John to die without a fight!! His young son Levi needs his dad. John is loved by his family and his loyal friends. He has often been described as a loveable rogue.

All proceeds will go to getting John to a modern hospital either in Australia or NZ where he can have surgery and help, and air ambulance costs.

The family of John Milicich thank you for reading John's story - if you can help then that would be wonderful.

John's daughter Arna, wants me to tell you that John is a grandpa to three kids and great grandfather to a little 2yr old girl and he has yet to meet.... He was coming home 2018 to meet this grandkids.

We wish you all a safe and happy family Christmas time.


Use of funds:

To pay for the Air Ambulance and hospital charges. If we exceed the target any extra money would be donated to Kiunga Hospital, PNG

Page created by:

Glenys Milicich-Wilson


John is my brother, he is seriously ill in Port Moresby, PNG and needs to be urgently bought home to NZ or to Australia for urgent medical care. He will die without surgery and correct medical care.

All funds raised benefit:

John Milicich

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Glenys Milicich-Wilson on behalf of John Milicich .
“Really sorry to hear your story - I hope he makes it home soon.”
“Safe journey home to NZ and a speedy recovery Johnny.”
“Praying for a speedy recovery for you Johnny xxx”
“This is such a difficult time for all the family. Be comforted by the support of Andrea and her cousin along with his family doing all they can to make this have the best possible outcome and get the care he needs.”
“All the best. May God bless you.”
“Merry Christmas, sending prayers”
“Happy Christmas, I hope you get better soon.”
“Merry Christmas, I hope you really feel better soon”
“A friend is always a friend, and relatives are born to share our troubles. Proverbs 17.17”
“My love and thoughts are with you all. Bring your dad home and give him the love and care he needs.”
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