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Dianne is a wonderful friend, sister, and a loving daughter. She is an 18 year old student at Kauri Academy taking up Diversional Therapy in the hopes of helping the elderly patients live a quality life.

Dianne has been living in an apartment away from her parents since early this year. On the 16th of July, she had a splitting headache and was fortunate enough to ring the ambulance before collapsing. Dianne was rushed to Auckland City hospital and was found to have suffered massive brain bleed on the back of her head.

Dianne is currently in coma in ICU. She is in a very critical condition, with having the bleed close to the brain stem (the part of the brain that controls the breathing and the heart). After having a series of CT scan, neurosurgeons have decided to perform a very delicate operation on Monday, the 19th of July.

Her parents, Elaine and Roldan Lictao live in Tauranga and will need to be in Auckland for the entire duration of hospitalization. Things are very challenging at the moment but their faith in God is strong and believe the Dianne will get through this.

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Financial support for Dianne's parents while they are not working to look after her, and to suport Darlene, their other daughter who is currently living in the Philippines

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Latest!  1 September 2021

Posted by: lem haigh

Hello whanau!

Sorry it has been a while since the last update. It has been challenging for the family due to the current covid situation in Auckland but God's faithfulness remains.

Dianne has been transferred to HDU and has been there for a few weeks now while rehabilitation is ongoing. While her neurologic progress is on a slow steady state, the rest of her organs are stable. Dianne still has tracheostomy in place but is requiring minimal support for oxygentaion.

Dianne's EVD (extraventricular drain -responsible for draining CSF from the brain) has been removed. A series of CT head has been performed to ensure there is no build up of excess fluid within the ventricles of her brain. These have showed positive signs therefore she does not need a VP shunt for now.

Furtheremore, there are plans in place to have her transferred to the nearest neuro facility to Tauranga which is in Hamilton. This will make it easier for family and friends to support her ongoing treatment.

Once again, we would like to thank the medical staff of Auckland hospital Neuro ward. We understand that it has not been easy, having to deal with pandemic but you never fail to provide the best of care.

We also want to thank everyone for your ongoing prayers. More than anything, this is what Dianne needs.

God bless you all!

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Manaia on 17 Sep 2021
God bless. Kia kaha x
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 01 Sep 2021
Psalm 102:23-24 God bless Dianne!!!
Shellane on 01 Sep 2021
Filipino Orchard Employees
Filipino Orchard Employees on 17 Aug 2021
Praying for fast healing and recovery
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Aug 2021

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