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KeepGraceDancing - Updates - Givealittle

  • Update for 17/02/2014     17 February 2014

    We had an amazing fundraising Monster Garage sale at our Parish Church ! It was huge ! Grace's sister and I (her Mama) spent 3 days sorting through bags and bags of things - mainly clothes that we had in the attic - and repacking into age related bags. Books went - old toys you name it if it wasn't nailed to the ground out the door it went lol !! set up day came upon us way too soon ! and I was amazed and humbled to see the helpers who had come to help set up - took us 5hrs but it was done ! next day the garage sale = I put up photos and blurbs of grace all around the walls of the community centre - so that people to relate who we were fundraising for - and it seemed to work - people were so generous and helpful I only had one haggler!! again helpers came out of the woodwork - parish members and my Kiwi sisters dropped of larger trailer loads of stuff to sell - and my other one stayed all day to help and clean up - they are treasures ! clean up -- you would have never known it looked the way it did 30 minutes beforehand !!! For me it was then time to go home - my body finally crashed in and my CRPS raised it's ugly head dispite the medications. Grace's Dad Ross did a mightly job of getting us home and sorted and me to bed. The phone call came when I was asleep - But we had raised $1700 !!!! I was amazed and humbled and excited and totally blown away by the love of these people who know Grace and know first hand of her drive and dedication and absolute passion for ballet !!! SO what will the money buy us !?? well about 7 pairs of shoes :) which is awesome because the school what her to try new shoes so this money is very handy !!!! For me I will just rest until the CRPS lets go of its claws as punishment for doing something for my daughter whom I love and believe in.

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  • Update for 21/11/2013     21 November 2013

    Our Daughter Grace began dancing at aged four, from that point, she knew that dancing was what she wanted to do with her life (I'm not kidding!) that hasnft changed. She eats, sleeps and breathe's Ballet, now she is incredibly blessed and living in Melbourne, studying her 1styr of a 2yr course with the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet. In 2012 She was nominated for National Young Performer of the year Award. It is her dream and absolute passion to dance in a company, Grace is the most focused and determined person I have ever known. She has moved mountains to be where she is now. She has studied all of this year to finish yr13 through The NZ Correspondence School - An Huge task, when you are already danceing 8-9hrs a day. For Grace ballet is the combination of the thrill of perfectly executing a move practised a thousand times, and when she is able to draw the audience in, and take them on a journey with her. As a family we want to leave no stone unturned to help her to be eligible for a ballet company after next year's study is finished.

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