Lapband surgery due to Pituatry Gland imbalancement

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Help me stop being the fat kid that loves pies.


whats the haps!!

Well being overweight teen is the highlight in todays headlines.

Obesity rates in New Zealand due to poverty rah rah rah.

Well my story has a little bit of everything in it.

I was diagnosed as a childhood obesity as early as 14 weighing in a 85kg 6 foot in height.

As a only child of a hard-working single mother she was totally broken. Being Maori she expressed love through Kai. Happy bellys and warm bed!!

According to the doctor I was insulin ressistance and needed to be medicated and diet controlled. (only later diagnosis found otherwise)

The next 4 years bought a love of healthy food and excersize in order to combat my disease.

The weight stopped gaining in the first year and the medication(metformin) reduced..

The second year I gained another 25kgs yet my diet remained in place and my physical movememt was still enjoyable i was keeping active.

The third year i hit 17years old!!! Im a male and i got lazy! I decided to complete my year at high school and get my licence.

I needed a job.

I needed motivation.... i slacked and gained weight.

In Dec 2019 I return to my GP and ask whats wrong with me Doc.... Im Tall Hairy and overweight!!!!

Skip to today 10/3/2020. I have a pituary and thyroid gland problem. Hormone related due to my pituatry gland producing to many of the wrong hormones.

So here i am overweight, tall, hairy and medicated and unhappy. I asked the doc will lapband surgery help combat all the diseases associated with my sickness?? He seems to believe it will have benefits.... and then i asked do i qualify for MOH funding... No... fat chance right hahaha

Doc says $25.000.00 and 6 months of dieting.

So here I am asking everyone to give me a fighting chance at not being the fat kid who loves pies.

cheers and thankyou

fat kid loves pies

Use of funds

Lapband surgery to combat teen/young adult obesity and help the treatment of Pituatary Gland hormone production

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Latest update

Stop being a fatkidthatlovespies   11 March 2020

Since this is a start point on my journey and I hope to keep all donors in the loop.

Current weight 136kgs

Currrent height 6 foot 3

Current BMI dr says obese at 37.5

Doctor requires 15kgs or more pre-op weight loss target.

Have a dietician and a low impact fitness programme begins 16 march.

Six months to go.

thankyou very much for your support and kindness.


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