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Lets Give Sharon Some Time.

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This beautiful, positive, selfless woman needs our help to fund the treatment drugs to slow the effects of the Lymphoma.

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Every now and then you meet one of the truly good ones. One of those people so good, so caring and so selfless that it makes you question your own life and why you’re not a bit better.

Someone who sees the good in everyone, even the dicks. Who gives people – even the idiots – the benefit of the doubt and who always has a kind word or helpful piece of advice for anyone and everyone. Don’t get us wrong, she’ll call people out, but even the way she leaves them questioning their thoughts or actions is done in a nice way.

That’s Sharon.

She brightens a room and every conversation with her leaves you feeling better about the world and yourself.

One of the good ones.

Someone who’s life as a teacher, a top sports coach, a tireless volunteer and now as a someone helping people and businesses get the most out of themselves, is the embodiment of selflessness.

Someone who would never write these words about herself or think she’s worth all this trouble, but would be the first person to write them about someone else and leave no stone unturned to help.

But now Sharon needs some help. She’s battling non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and after six bouts of chemo was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This month, however, the cancer had returned and the woman with one of the healthiest zests for life you’ll ever meet has been given a terminal diagnosis.

There’s the heart-pulling story – like everyone on here who are all deserving. Sharon’s daughter is getting married in December and she’d love to join husband David in walking her down the aisle.

But she needs help. More specifically she needs access, or help towards getting access, to potentially life-saving drugs (Brentuximab vedotin) which aren’t funded by the New Zealand government.

Sharon and David are doing what they can to try and fund this treatment but at $16,000 every three weeks. Financial help will give Sharon a crack at delaying the symptoms of this illness and Karma and the Universe will do their part from thereon.

For those who know Sharon, you know she’d be the first person dipping into her pocket to help anyone as well as dropping by for a visit, rallying the troops, researching options, filling your freezer and doing whatever is needed. Even when we talked about doing this her comment was "but people are also going through tough times at present due to Covid19" - A typical response - thinking about others rather than herself.

For those who don’t know Sharon – she’s just one of the really good ones. One of those people who touches so many people in a good way and who you just can’t help but like.

The lady who would give the shirt off her back to help anybody – all while smiling and making a joke about how it suits them better – just needs a bit of help in this fight… from there, Sharon and Karma will do the rest.

Joanne Bailey's involvement (page creator)

I have known Sharon for over thirty years as a friend and I have had the privilege to work alongside her in support of her passion for developing people to be their best personally and professionally.

Use of funds

Funds will be used to support Sharon's medical expenses.

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Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand  15 June 2020

Posted by: Joanne Bailey

As you would expect Sharon was concerned about people donating money during these difficult economic times. She asked that any donations not used in her treatment process be donated to LBC as they are the leading organisation dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with these conditions. I hope that this sits well with donees as hopefully, we might be able to give another family more time with their loved one. Jo

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    Andrea on 08 Jun 2020


    Real friendship is a miracle. People are so different and finding someone who you’re comfortable with is so rare. Sharon, I love how you know how to just be you, always. It’s hard to say ‘thank you’ to you who deserves so much more than that. You never fail to make me smile. I always leave our conversations inspired and believing that I can take on the world and that is priceless. So I look forward to joining you on many more virtual walk ‘n chats by the Heathcote River – haha! You are such a crackup! Praying for you without ceasing. Love and God Bless, AJ and Tony xx


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    Fiona on 07 Jun 2020



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$35,056 donated

Given by 234 generous donors in 14 days

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