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Lets Take The Kids Flying In BETSY the DC3 Over Auckland City

Closed Cause page created in the Kiwi Kids category by DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND for FLY DC3 New Zealand Inc.

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Help us get these little troopers up for a DC3 Scenic Flight over Auckland City! Let's make memories and cheeky little smiles.

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Uplift In Kind our Kids Flying Programme loves working with New Zealand's amazingly compassionate Family Support Agencies:

Make A Wish

Heart Kids NZ



Child Cancer Foundation

We feel privileged to be able to bring our Family Support Agencies complimentary scenic flights all over New Zealand. Only made possible by the generosity of our network of volunteer commercial pilots and fantastic aviation partner operators all over the country. Our agencies love this programme as it allows them to offer an awesome outing for their unwell or underprivileged children and their families. We're often on board these flights and to say it is heart felt is an understatement. For these families it is usually a really big deal and they are often overwhelmed with emotion and happiness during and after their flight. We truly believe it gives them renewed inspiration during whatever hardship they happen to be facing and it also gives them as a family, life long cherished memories.

We came up with an idea that would get all of our agencies and their families together for one big, fun aviation day out.

We said "Let's take a nostalgic trip down memory lane" and see if we can get the guys at Fly DC3 to take our kids and their families for a world class scenic flight over the City of Sails in the elegant and eye catching Douglas DC3.

The good folk at Fly DC3 have promised that if we all get together at Ardmore Airport on a lovely sunny weekend that they will take care of the rest. They also reassured us that no one will leave disappointed. Turns out - thats just how it is over there at their place!

"Wow - we're in" the agencies said and they reckon the kids and their families are gonna be shell shocked. Family fun times are cherished so they'll take no convincing.

This is such an awesome cause. We get to take the kids and their families out for an amazing flight but it also turns out that Covid 19 has taken its toll on the DC3 operation so we reckon seeing as she'll take good care of our kids that in essence we're also giving back to BETSY.

Supporting our Scenic Flight outing offers a lovely distraction for our Kids and their families. It helps support five of New Zealand's compassionate Family Support Agencies and it'll help our beloved BETSY keep rumbling on over our skies.

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND's involvement (page creator)

DJETS are the founders and primary sponsor of Uplift In Kind - Kids Flying Programme

Use of funds

The kind people at Fly DC3 - Ardmore Airport, have offered us an opportunity to get 25 Kiwi Kids up for a scenic flight over Auckland City. All funds raised go direct to Fly DC3 and to cover GAL fees.

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Posted by: DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

Thanks again to all of our wonderful Donors❤️

25 of New Zealand's amazing kids can't wait to go flying on our Maiden Voyage in Betsy next Sunday from Ardmore Airport - Auckland and the extra funds raised have us well on our way towards our Christmas flight with Santa. Yay!

We have one spare seat available for a candidate we'd like YOU to nominate. If you know of a little trooper that we should be taking flying then please tell us a bit about their journey here on our facebook page (please only use their first name)

We will choose our passenger on Wednesday 29 July. He/She will need to be medically fit to fly and have their parents consent if under the age of 18. They will need to live near or be in Auckland on Sunday 2nd August. The winner will be drawn out of a hat.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 14 Jul 2020
DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

Thank you for your kind donation. These kind gestures help us make memories and sure do bring out the cheeky little smiles. Thanks lovely donor.❤️😉

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND
Sue on 13 Jul 2020
DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

So lovely of you to help out with our Scenic Flight for the kids Sue. We hit our target - so they are going up in Betsy with the great crew from FLY DC3 for a beautiful city scenic - Woo-Hoo!

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND
Terry on 13 Jul 2020
Wonderful cause and best wishes to you all.
DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

Thanks for your amazing donation Terry. We hit our goal of $1900 and are now using any excess donations for a Christmas Scenic flight with Santa on board for those kids who don't make the Maiden DC3 Voyage. Thanks again Terry.

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND
Jeanette on 13 Jul 2020
A wonderful experience for them. Well done to you all.
DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

Thank you Jeanette, like you say, this will be a truly wonderful experience for the little troopers. Thank you for your kind donation and please take care.❤️

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND
Sarah on 13 Jul 2020
DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

Another beautiful human sharing the love. Thank you from our kids and their families.😇

DJETS Raising funds for UPLIFT IN KIND

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