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Live Well with Pain

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People living with chronic pain can have wonderful lives and I want to tell their stories.

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I completed my PhD recently and want to share the findings from my research at an international conference in Brussels. I developed an understanding of how people learn to live well with their pain, and I want to share this with other researchers.

I need $4000 to pay for travel and accommodation to and from Brussels to do this. I've been working part-time for the last couple of years, and there is very little funding available to go to conferences to present this kind of research.

I want to spark some amazing research into how health professionals can support people to move from "making sense" to "flexibly persisting".

It's time for people with chronic pain to be given the resources they so sorely need.

I've had my abstract accepted for the Pain Science in Motion conference in Brussels, Belgium. This is an incredible meeting of new researchers who will mix and mingle with very experienced researchers from around the world. It's a rare chance to learn from people who have inspired me to keep working to help people living with chronic pain.

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I'm interested in chronic pain for many reasons. First of all, it's the area I've worked in for most of my clinical career. One in six New Zealanders have chronic pain - it might be from osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, low back pain, whiplash, diabetes, or many other causes but it's there, doesn't go away and there's not a lot of really effective treatment for it.

I have fibromyalgia, a form of chronic pain. It's a widespread pain that comes and goes, and it's often associated with fatigue, and sensitivity to hot, cold and noise.

I'm also involved because I think it's time to look beyond "take your pain away" research. Time to look beyond drugs. Time to know about the successful ways of living used by the up to one third of people with chronic pain who don't keep looking for treatments and just get on with life. I want to share their inspiring stories, their ways of getting through, the things they've learned the hard way. Maybe by learning from what they've shared with me, more people might be able to live fantastic lives even though they have to live with chronic pain.

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“Good Luck, Bronnie! Hope you get there. I am often inspired by your blogs.”
“Hope you get there Bronnie, and keep on blogging, always of value.”
“Just a wee token to say thank you for always being so generous with your time and knowledge... and for all you have taught me”
“#BronniesGrandTour - a blessing for all those who can attend and learn from you”
“Good luck Bronnie! I really enjoy reading your blog posts, thanks so much for all your valuable contributions!”
“Really look forward to receiving your blog in my inbox every week. Please keep on doing the stuff you do best inspiring all of us! Thank you.”
“Keep up the good work Bronnie”
“Good luck, Bronnie!”
“Thank you for being so generous always with your thoughts and contributions online - Good luck!”
“Best wishes for a successful campaign and conference! You are an inspiration and your voice matters!”
  • $2,301.00 donated
  • 26 generous donors

$2,301 donated


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