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Maegens Journey

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Maegen has been diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and needs help for the journey that lays ahead.

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Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. The type of Leukaemia that Maegen has is called B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. (BALL). It is a cancer that originates in the bone marrow & develops quickly. The chemotherapy plan that Maegs is on will take 2 years where we are hopeful she will be in remission. There is no reason this has happened to Maegs, but she is in the right place to fight it.

Before we received this challenging news Maegs was waking up every morning to our amazing 18 month son Nico, and ensuring that every day for him was full of joy and adventure. Maegen also had overcome a big challenge where she has recently completed her degree in teaching with a goal to become a teacher at Matamata Primary School, she succeeded this goal in May when she became a teacher at Matamata Primary School.

The biggest struggle for Maegen through this challenge is the separation of her and Nico as Maegs is in the Auckland Motutapu oncology unit and those under 10 are not allowed in the ward for patient safety.

Maegen will beat this small challenge that has come our way with a great support foundation that is praying for her everyday, we are very thankful for any donations and all your support.

Your extremely kind donations will be very helpful in helping with the cost of having to stay in Auckland and family always having to be here. We will also be using the donations to help with childcare for Nico as he needs normality and to be looked after.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to help towards the travel and cost to support Maegen whilst we have to be in Auckland. There are also going to be costs for Maegen throughout the process like headwear and wigs that will help her and Nico have some normality.

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Day 16  15 September 2020

Posted by: Ngawharau Apaapa

Every Wednesday Maegs wakes up very anxious as every Wednesday are chemo days. Although the first chemo day was an emotional roller coaster, it is safe to say with the system’s we have in place now that Maegen wakes up a little less anxious every week. Maegs recovery response since day one has also performed well from Bering bed/room bound for 24 hours, to being able to spend the weekend just gone with our son Nico thanks to all your amazing donations. Thanks to all your donations, Maegs is able to go about her day without stressing about any financial matter that may arise, so we are deeply grateful and will continue to update you Maegs journey.

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Latest donations

Paul on 16 Dec 2020
Good luck Maegen.
Alice and Cameron
Alice and Cameron on 30 Oct 2020
Matamata Primary School Fundraiser
Matamata Primary School Fundraiser on 22 Oct 2020
This donation is from the Matamata Primary School community as the wider Matamata community as part of our Slime Fundraiser last term. All the best for your journey!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 28 Sep 2020
Mandy on 24 Sep 2020
Thinking of you on this journey. Stay strong. Bradey & Mandy

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