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Mary is going to beat this!!

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Wife & Mum of 4 with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. Incurable. She has no symptoms. She wants every chance possible to fight this.

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Its Christmas time, you have just found out you have Cancer. Stage 4 Cancer! You're terminal and there is nothing they can do to fix you. This is Mary's nightmare happening right now for her and her husband Travis and their 4 beautiful daughters aged 14, 13, 9 and 21mths.

Mary is 41 years young. Earlier this year her older brother (43) went through his own bowel cancer journey. His surgeon suggested siblings should be checked out. So Mary went in for a routine check to clear any concerns that she may eventually get it herself. Mary is not symptomatic.

That day of the colonoscopy they were told she had Bowel Cancer - it totally knocked her and Travis for six... But were given hope, they were told its was curable, she would receive surgery. They were very fortunate to catch it when they did. They left feeling blown away but it was ok, this was curable, right?!... Mary's brother has been through it and he is doing good now so why wont this be the same outcome for Mary...

Unfortunately for Mary things changed, there was further testing done, they were concerned about Mary's liver and then they were concerned about some lymph nodes. What did that mean? She got a biopsy taken of the Para Aortic Node. The results came back a week later. The cancer had spread. She was Stage 4. There isn't anything the Doctors can do to save her but manage her Cancer with Chemo to prolong her life.

So Marys journey has only just begun. She has been living in worry since November 1st 2019 and had her worst nightmare confirmed on December 2nd.

Mary wants a chance to fight this to watch her girls grow up. She wants to try conventional treatments but also alternative therapies that will cost money.

It is not Mary's time and she needs our help.

In Mary's words...

It doesn't make sense nor feel real.

How can I be stage 4 and not sick.

How can this happen to me and my family.

It is not an option to not be here for my 4 beautiful girls and lovely husband.

I need to live to be here for them all and share in all of life's moments.

I need to fight this with all I can.

We need more options for my life to carry on..

I want to be an old lady and not miss a thing.

I love my life. My family. My friends.

For all of you I will fight my best fight.

F**k YOU Cancer.

Kate Eaton's involvement (page creator)

Mary is married to my brother

Use of funds

The money raised will help Mary pay for unfunded treatments (eg Keytruda or Avastin), possibly get her help from overseas.

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The first steps towards treatment  3 January 2020

Posted by: Kate Eaton

Hi to all you generous people, I felt it was time for a small update on Mary's road...

Mary has had her Portacath implanted and ready for her first lot of chemo. Chemo starts next week and continues in fortnightly stages. After a few doses Mary will be scanned and receive results to how well her tumour and cancer is responding to Chemo. It wont be till then that she fully understands how aggressive her Cancer is and how she attacks the next stage.

As a family we all enjoyed a large family Christmas. We shed some tears but mostly enjoyed the present and appreciated the privilege of having us all around.

I'm sure you all wish Mary the very best for her first lot of chemo and I hope I can bring some uplifting and hopeful news the next time I check in.

Thanks so much to you all. Each little bit helps and we are so very grateful to you all for your kind words and support.

I've added a pic of Mary to this update to show her gorgeous happy self while dealing with a shit hand that life has thrown her... much respect for this lady 😊

Kate ✌

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 31 Jan 2020


    With love & best wishes Mary. Fight hard xx


  • Bonnie

    Bonnie on 31 Jan 2020


    Nothing but good vibes and the best wishes for your journey ahead Mary. Here's to giving the dreaded C the biggest of all middle fingers!! x


  • Ziggy

    Ziggy on 31 Jan 2020



  • Greig and Coral

    Greig and Coral on 30 Jan 2020


    Thinking of you all. Wishing you all the best with your treatment Mary.


  • Irene & Grant

    Irene & Grant on 28 Jan 2020


    Given with lots of love. Mary you are going to beat this.


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$27,760 of $50,000 goal

Given by 200 generous donors in 7 weeks

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