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Mel and Jesse need your help

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Help take some of the financial stress from Jesse and Mel.

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Mel just had her 28th birthday, she is a gorgeous gentle soul, a mother of 2 boys, aged 3 and 5 next week with a little girl on the way, she is a partner to Jesse, a daughter, sister and friend to many.

Last year Mel was rear ended in her car, soon after her vision became blurry, an optometrist referred Mel for an MRI. The MRI showed Mel has a condition call non communicating hydrocephalus, the doctors believe this was an underlying condition worsened by the car accident.

In April, Mel underwent Surgery to insert a programmable shunt in the damaged pathway to drain the excess fluid around her brain into a cavity in her stomach to be reabsorbed by the body. Unfortunately this hasn’t been an easy fix and the shunt has needed to be adjusted on numerous occasions. Since April, Mel has had another 2 surgery's and has been admitted back to hospital 10 times. Each time Jesse has had to take time of work to be there for Mel and the boys. With plenty of help from family and friends support is never far away.

Last night Mel’s health spiraled down hill and resulted in another surgery. Mel is currently in intensive care. Her family and friends all hoping for a speedy recovery for Mel and baby.

At this time Jesse has taken more time of work, he has no sick days left and is a couple of months off being entitled to annual leave. This is financially hard as well as emotionally hard for Mel, Jesse and the rest of the family. All donations will go to Mel and Jesse to help them through and take some stress away.

Any messages of support will also be greatly appreciated by Jesse and the family.

Mickey Hoffman's involvement

Friend of Mel and Jesse.

Use of funds

The money will be used for ongoing bills while Mel recovers and Jesse is off work.

Latest update

Beneficiary change.   26 October 2018

Firstly, Thank you so much to everyone that has donated! This is going to go a long way in helping Mel, Jesse, baby and Mel’s older boys Jack and Ollie.

I’d just like to advise you all that the beneficiary of the funds will be changed to Douglas Hall, Mel’s father.

Unfortunately Mel has not shown the improvement everyone has hoped for yet, and the older boys are now with their dad full time, while jesse holds down the fort at home, and being with Mel.

Mel’s parents have power of attorney and are in a better situation to deal with the legalities of Mel’s financial future and present situation.

Once again I’d personally like to thank you for all of your support.


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    White family on 19 Oct 2018



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    Guest Donor on 16 Oct 2018



  • Jan Checketts

    Jan Checketts on 15 Oct 2018


    I am thinking of you every day. Get better beautiful girl. ❤️


  • Brad Albrecht

    Brad Albrecht on 14 Oct 2018


    Praying for you full recovery Mel


  • Katie Stock

    Katie Stock on 14 Oct 2018


    I don’t know you guys personally but am sending prayers and thoughts to your family at this tough time. Hope the money that you raise on this page is enough to keep you out of financial strife x


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Created by Mickey Hoffman
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Paying to a verified bank account of Douglas Hall on behalf of Mel and Jesse

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$3,614 donated

Given by 69 generous donors in 14 days

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