My Dad's Battle with Brain Cancer

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Kumeu, Auckland

Hello, my name is Alesha Khalil and I am 11 years old turning 12 in October. I have a younger brother Ayaan who is 6 years old. My mums Samreena and together we used to enjoy doing heaps of fun family activities. Our summer holidays would be full of camping; swimming; road trips; fishing trips; bike riding; adventure activities and BBQs.

The past year has been ridden with tragedy in our family. It started off with me losing my grandma and because of Covid-19 we couldn’t go to the funeral. Unfortunately, to make things worse we were told some very bad news about my father being terminally ill on the 3rd of September 2021. It has been really hard getting our head around this news, as life is going to be very different.

On the 17th of August my dad was rushed to hospital with a possible TIA/Stroke. He had a CT scan that showed he had a growth in his head. He then had emergency open brain surgery within the following two days. We were trying to be positive but the doctors have said that his cancer is incurable Grade 4 Glioblastoma and since then he hasn't been the same. He has to take many medications. He is constantly sick, he has a headache nearly all day, fatigue, appetite loss, nausea, and his motor skills have been impaired affecting his ability to do normal things he used to do like drive. He can't play with me and my brother anymore like he used to. I hear him getting up in the middle of the night. I worry I won't see him in the morning. My mum acts strong for us but I know that it is really hard.

We have been dealing with dad’s diagnosis by leaning on each other for support as Covid-19 has made it difficult for my extended family to come over and see us and help out. Dad has been to many appointments to set up his chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatments even on his birthday! It is going to start on October 19th a couple of days after my 12th birthday. Mum and dad make a good team but now mum (Samreena) is the main provider for us and is now required to step up and be the sole carer for dad and my brother and I. This is causing a massive financial strain on the family.

I know from what mum has told me he won’t be around for long. The doctors have confirmed his cancer is incurable. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy will just shrink the tumour and prolong his life. We are looking to explore alternative treatments alongside the treatment the doctors are saying he needs to have. We don’t have time on our hands, we need to act fast and do everything we can to make dad comfortable and hopefully make him better.

People that know my dad, know him to be a kind, caring and loving father. He is generous to his friends and family and those in need. In this time of need we need some of that back. I was looking forward to growing up with him and sharing milestones. It's just me, mum and my brother once my dad has gone. I don't know how many birthdays we have left together.

So I’m asking if you can help me, my brother and especially my mum. It would ease the burden off my mum and maybe she would smile more again.

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First week of radiation therapy done.  16 October 2021

Hi everyone, first of all we just wanted to thank you all again we are very grateful. Yesterday was the first week of radiation done, today dad is not feeling not so well he has headaches, very sleepy, and nauseous. Today was my birthday I enjoyed spending it with my amazing family. Once we want thank each and everyone one of you once we just can’t express how grateful we are.

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Be positive god has different ways to shower his blessing, nothing is impossible for him. Have faith pray hard he will listen to ypu and showet his blessing to your father insha allah.
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Keep positive
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