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My journey to fighting breast cancer

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$1,490 of $2,000 goal

Given by 49 generous donors in 12 weeks

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Raising funds will help with my medical costs and our living and travel costs an help take abit of financial burden off our shoulders

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  Hawke's Bay

On the 20th of December 2018 i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer

I had to give up my job as i was due to start my first round of FEC-D chemo on the 4th of January 2019. I would not be able to work an go through this journey an look after my wee family

So we have gone from a 2 income family to 1.

Sadly with how hard chemo can be on the body my partner has had to take alot of time off work to care for the kids while ive ended up in hospital due to being neutropenic which means my white blood cell count gets very low due to my immune system not being able to fight off infection like a normal persons would

I have been lucky that ive been able to have my chemo here in hawkes bay but have had to travel alot to palmerston north for scans an MRI's etc

I have finally finished my last round of 6 chemos and am due to have surgery at the end of may to have a mastectomy done but will then need to go to palmerston north for 3weeks to have radiation done so i will be away from my two beautiful children an partner and he will need to take a fair bit of time off work to care for our children while i am away fighting the good fight

Use of funds

Funds raised will go towards medical costs living an travel costs

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Radiation   9 July 2019

Hello all thank u yet again to those of u lovelys that have donated we have raised so much thanks to u all

I am due to go down to parmy and start the rest of my journey on the 25th of july

I will have radiation for 3weeks every day Monday-friday i get to have a break on the weekends tho so yay

I am healing well still having a few wee complications due to fluid build up around the surgical area but im coping well with it all an am ready to start this next leg of the journey to kicking cancers arse :)

Stay blessed xx

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    Guest Donor on 29 Jul 2019



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  • Marion Waaka

    Marion Waaka on 08 Jul 2019


    Wishing you well on your cancer journey.


  • JoAnne

    JoAnne on 29 Jun 2019


    All the best, thinking of you. Love to you all xoxo


  • Amy

    Amy on 21 Jun 2019


    You're so strong huni xx I'll keep doing little bits week by week xx sorry I can't afford more


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$1,490 of $2,000 goal

Given by 49 generous donors in 12 weeks

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