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North to South - Te Araroa. My North to South journey will raise awareness & funds for SIDS and Kids “Moe Ora” programme.

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Te Araroa is a 3000km trail that extends from Cape Reinga in the North to Bluff. Reyne will be hiking this trail to raise money for charity.

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On the 1st of December 2015 I’ll be starting my North to South journey.

All money raised during my North to South journey will go directly to SIDS and Kids and will directly support the “Moe Ora” programme. This programme gifts bassinets, cots and beds along with sheets, blankets and Safe Sleeping resources to families in our communities. Please support the Moe Ora program and ensure that it is there for all families who need their support.

I have chosen SIDS and Kids as my charity to support as they receive no government funding and I would like to raise awareness as well as funds to held reduce the number of infant deaths in our community and to provide support to those who have lost a loved one. Therefore, I am looking for sponsors to help cover the costs involved in my walk, in exchange for some good publicity for the sponsors (my pack cover will name all sponsors, their brand will go on all pages of my website and make their way through social media once I begin my promotion) so there will be a fair amount of feel good factor for anyone involved as well.

I am seeking small donations here on Give a Little to help cover my daily costs such as food and creating partnerships for items I haven’t got such as the highlighted items on my equipment list under the "GEAR" tab on my website I ask for this support as all the money raised from the North to South walk goes towards the Moe Ora Safe Sleeping program helping those who need a bed for their child, not on the walk organising.

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This walk is dedicated to my sister Kali Eva Palmer who suddenly passed away from SIDS on the 17th of May 1996, aged only 28 days. Even though I never knew my sister, I always think about her, and who she could have been.

Please donate to this cause, helping SIDS and Kids to help save more babies’ lives.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Reyne Palmer.

  • $2,222.00 donated
  • 7 generous donors

$2,222 donated



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