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NZ might lose a nice volunteer worker

Cause page created in the Animals category by Marco Andrade for Fern Yates

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The Cats Foundation NZ might lose a volunteer worker as she would have to leave the country even meeting INZ requirements to be a Resident.

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Fern has been working as a volunteer in Cats Foundation NZ since she got to New Zealand. She came to this country filling a gap in IT department working as a Senior Tests Analyst. She was able to do both: helping a local company with her experience in IT and to help a local foundation that takes care of pets in need.

She has used her own spare time and money helping a local foundation.

She applied for Residence more than a year ago. She meets what INZ requires to become a Resident (she has the score) so it is a matter of time for the Immigration Department to process her application and

make her a resident.

Everything was going well until covid-19 struck and she was made redundant.

Unfortunately without the job she loses her Work Visa and she can't even work as a waitress or bar person because that is also a contravention of her visa. Basically she is denied the right to earn money to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.

She was given six weeks pay and she made it last two and a half months. Fern now has no more money for rent or food and will need to leave her dwelling at the end of July.

She has been looking for a new job in IT what we think it is just a matter of time to get back to work as she is very experienced.

So I would say to people, it might be the time to give a little help to someone someone who has always been able to spend her spare time in volunteer work in a local institution like Cats Foundation NZ.

She needs more time (to wait for INZ to process her Resident Vista Application). She wants to work (it is a matter of time to get a new job). And she wants to keep helping the Cats Foundation. She says "that pets need me :)"

Any help will be deeply appreciated. (by her, and by the pets).

Marco Andrade's involvement (page creator)

Fern is a good friend. She is the kind of person who donates her spare time to help others so it is worth helping her. If we help her we are going to indirectly help the Cats Foundation NZ that counts with her volunteer work.

Use of funds

Fern would be using the found raised to help her with costs to go and help the Cats Foundation (gasoline for example). And of course, to help her to pay for the room she lives (rent) and to buy food for her self while she does not find a new job in IT.

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Thank you Fern love opi
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