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Oliver's hospital life

  • Update on Oliver

      7 August 2021

    Thank you so much to all of you amazing people, We have no words for your generosity ❤.

    Oliver is still in hospital, he has begun to gain weight and is now over his Birth weight which is encouraging.

    He is still doing the breath holds and his O2 levels are still unstable requiring him to be on constant O2 flow (in fact they have increased the amount) there is quite clearly something causing him pain and discomfort but at this stage all his tests are not showing anything conclusive. He is having a scope put down into his chest next week to check out his lungs.

    Now because of the pressure his little body puts its self under when he breath holds he has developed an umbilical hernia as well.

    If no causes can be found then we will start to phase Oliver home, starting with a few hours and building it up. As without answers, he cannot stay in hospital forever. Thain and I are being trained in using the resus equipment and are having our infant CPR skills refreshed and of course are ST JOHN members and, we will have all the O2 equipment at home as well. His full time care will still fall on Thain as he needs constant supervision as he can have an episode at any moment. This is a long road we are on. Thank you all once again for your support. We love you all. Xxxxx

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