Ollie the Cockatiel's Epic 'Kiwiana' Tour of New Zealand

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I'm Ollie the disabled Cockatiel, who with my hoomum will be embarking on an epic 6 month Kiwiana fund-raising adventure of NZ.


I'm Ollie a disabled Cockatiel, hand-raised from a young chick at Bird Rescue Cambridge. Along with my hoomum (who is no spring chicken), I'll be shaking my tail feathers as we walk, drive, hitch, bus, ferry, or hike to as many towns around NZ as we can, in a bid to raise money & awareness for Te Araroa Trail. Our original plan was to walk the length of NZ via the incredible Te Araroa Trail (3000km), but Covid lockdowns threw a great big hairy fox amongst the chickens (so to speak)! Our new plan will see us travelling town to town, meeting as many people as possible, investigating what makes each town special or iconic, & finding ways to elicit donations to my Givealittle page haha! We will endeavour to include as many walks as we can, join in activities, & of course share loads of photos & stories on social media. In the hope to encourage feathered, furry, hairy, & hooman friends to get off the couch & explore their backyard, bush, beach, or trails, I'll be sharing a bird's-eye view of my epic Kiwiana Tour on Facebook & Instagram.

So now to talk turkey... in gratitude for the opportunity this beautiful trail provides all Kiwis & international visitors, I'll be raising much needed funds for Te Araroa Trust, so they can continue their incredible work to maintain, preserve & protect this national treasure. I'm asking all you good eggs to donate a few dollars to Te Araroa Trust via my Givealittle page, where your donation will go directly to them for the ongoing maintenance & improvement of the trail. It is there for all Kiwis... whether the trail is walked in one fowl swoop, an island at a time, weekend worm-hunting explorations, or simply enjoying the day walkies, Te Araroa is there for you, your chicks, & your grandchickees. I'm not asking you to swan dive into your nest egg (haha), but if you can spare a few dollars to my Givealittle page, I'll be singing like a bird from the fluffy-top of the North Island, to the bluffy-bottom of the South.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ollies_kiwi_adventure/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100071125504595

Te Araroa Trust: https://www.teararoa.org.nz/

"Te Araroa Trail covers the length of NZ, & through the connection of beaches, bush, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, valleys, roads, mountains, towns, cities, & people, it showcases everything our beautiful country has to offer. Te Araroa is one of the top long walks in the world, but can also be enjoyed & explored in small sections. Donations from people like you helps to improve & maintain the trail so New Zealanders & visitors to Aotearoa can enjoy the scenic beauty, communities, cultural & historic sites along the way, for generations to come." https://www.teararoa.org.nz/

Ollie the Cockatiel's involvement (page creator)

With much gratitude for the incredible Te Araroa Trail (The Long Pathway), Ollie the Cockatiel is raising funds for Te Araroa Trust so future Kiwis can enjoy & explore our country for years to come.

Use of funds

All donations will go directly to Te Araroa Trust. Funds will be used towards the improvement and maintenance of all aspects of the trail.

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Tongariro Crossing is part of Te Araroa trail. So I thought it appropriate to wear my hi-viz vest with the orange Te Araroa triangle (which matches the markers on the TA trail, which of course is the charity I'm raising money for), which also match some of the markers on Tongariro Crossing. My story about completing Tongariro Crossing - and being the first cockatiel to do so, is coming!

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Latest donations

Sue on 15 Jan 2022
Ollie, you and your Hoomum are stars. Good luck on your travels.
Ollie the Cockatiel

You've made me happy as a lark... thanks for being a good egg Sue 🥚

Ollie the Cockatiel
Jennifer on 12 Jan 2022
Love your adventures Ollie 🐦 ❤️
Ollie the Cockatiel

Woo-wee... so glad you're enjoying my adventures (plenty more coming up). Thanks so much for your support Jennifer x

Ollie the Cockatiel
Alex on 23 Dec 2021
Nice to meet you at the start of the Tongariro crossing yesterday Ollie! Best of luck on your adventure!
Ollie the Cockatiel

Alex - you wonderflap super star-ling ⭐🦜 It was so cool meeting you both on the 'crossing' (your photos with me are on my facebook and instagram pages - and soon to be on this Givealittle page). Thanks again for being good eggs! 🥚🥚

Ollie the Cockatiel
Neil on 18 Nov 2021
I love this
Ollie the Cockatiel

Woo-wee... you've got me soaring like an eagle with this generous donation! 🦅 Thanks for being a good egg Neil 🥚

Ollie the Cockatiel
Rowena on 18 Nov 2021
Ollie the Cockatiel

Eggcellent... thanks so much Rowena... you're a good egg xx 🥚

Ollie the Cockatiel

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