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1,000 Strong to Right the Wrong

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The National Council of Women of NZ invites 1,000 Kiwis to support us in Suffrage 125 year and help us finish the job Kate Sheppard started.

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Kate Sheppard and her followers delivered their petition to parliament on the 28th of July, 125 years ago. Two months later they won the right for New Zealand women to be the first in the world to vote. Three years later they founded the National Council of Women of New Zealand - the 'Women's Parliament' - so they could keep fighting for equality and human rights for women. Today at NCWNZ, we lead Gender Equal NZ so all New Zealanders can reach their full potential.

Although much has happened since 1893, there's still much more to do. Last week the United Nations recommended more than fifty major steps to our government to achieve greater gender equality in the next four years.

But taking action isn't just for government — we all need to play our part. At NCWNZ we're committed to working alongside government and others to make New Zealand a fairer, more just and equal society. Thirty-two thousand people signed Kate's petition. Today we're looking for a thousand Kiwis to help us right the current wrongs, to prevent violence, inequality and injustice.

To become one of our ‘1,000 Strong‘ supporters we're asking you to make a donation of $125 to mark 125 years since suffrage — perhaps by getting a few friends together to make up the $125. But every donation is important, whatever the amount, because being able to count you among our '1,000 Strong ' is what matters most.

You will find more information on the NCWNZ website, and please spread the word — #1000strong. Our target is to reach our first thousand followers by Suffrage Day (19 September)!

Then, together we can continue the work Kate started and make a gender equal New Zealand reality.

Use of funds:

Your contribution will support us, our members, partners and communities to work together, to carry out research, deliver local and national activities and advocacy, and continue our flagship Gender Equal campaign.

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NCWNZ was founded in 1896 by Kate Sheppard and leaders of NZ’s suffrage movement after the historic campaign that gained the vote for NZ women. NCWNZ continues their work to improve the lives of women and girls in this country and make gender equality a reality so all Kiwis can reach their potential.

“Glad to help NCW continue its legacy of brilliant work for NZ women.”
“Such an amazing team of women. So much time, experience and effort is volunteered. Let’s finish what Kate started.”
“Happy to be a founding donor to this important mahi!”
“Let's follow Kate-there's still so much to do!”
“Great to be one of the first of our first thousand strong.”
  • $8,050.00 donated
  • 62 generous donors

$8,050 donated

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