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On the 04-10-2021 I got the call that I had lost my father. This hasn't been easy for my family and I. At 22 years old I never thought I would lose my father.

Being the closest to him we had decided that I would be the best person to be the power of attorney. I let him know that I was going to do everything that he would have wanted, which I feel like I have done so far. Fortunately we had discussed what he would like to happen when it came to it. I hadn't actually realised how much harder it was going to be. I am wanting to raise money to cover his funeral costs and other costs that I have paid for in regards to making this the best process for him. Anything is appreciated, more than words can describe. I am forever grateful for the help I can get at the moment.

The past 2 years he had been battling throat and lung cancer. His throat cancer disappeared after the first year and his lung cancer went from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a finger nail within 6 months. He was on his last legs within the first year and a bit. The last month he was looking and feeling so much better, the best he had been in 2 years. On the 4th of October we got the phone call that he had passed. The funeral home we dealt with has been nothing but amazing. There is more information I would love to share but not sure if it is appropriate, if you want to view it, it is under the 'dad' highlight on my Instagram page- @cassidy_bond.

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Funeral costs. solicitor costs. further costs.

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rouxle on 14 Oct 2021
Sending my love and strength to you and your whanau 🤍
Kirsty on 13 Oct 2021
Sending lots of love and light in a time of darkness, From Ian and Kirsty Donoghue
Ari on 11 Oct 2021
Love from Kayla, bubbas, nala, niah and Ethan
Glenn Richards
Glenn Richards on 11 Oct 2021
Sending you so much love & positive energy to you and your family ❤
Jordan on 11 Oct 2021
Kia Kaha 🖤

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