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Paula's journey

Cause page created in the Health category by nicala Riri for Paula Elizabeth Lake

$2,654 donated

Given by 47 generous donors in around 12 months

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Paula's Journey

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Stage 4 lung cancer but not ready to give up yet.

$100 dollars a day $700 a week $3,000 a month. This is what it cost to keep paula alive, Have you ever seen a miracle?

Because as friends and whanau of Paula's we are seeing it...


There is power in numbers and there is no better time then now. Paula is doing everything she can to fight this disease but our weekly donations can make a huge inpact.

Paula is walking the walk so its time for all of us as friends and whanau to walk the talk.

If 35 generous people commit to $20 a week or 70 generous people commit to $10 a week this will cover her treatment costs. You get the picture?

As humans i believe every one of us has experienced the stress of money and what it can do. Well lets take that stress out of Paula’s life. This beautiful person needs to focus on her every breath not worrying about money.

Paula deserves to see her girl grow up.

There's a saying life or death... well people, the truth is we can help make that choice.

If you are new to Paula's Journey please feel free to request any details you would like before deciding to give.

One of my favourite quotes “no one has ever become poor by giving" - Anne Franks

nicala Riri's involvement (page creator)

Paula's friend.

Use of funds

any funds donated will go towards monthly cost for a non funded treatment plan also funds will go towards house hold expenses, Kai to feed friends and whanau coming in and out of the house supporting Paula.

Latest donations

  • Charlotte Howell

    Charlotte Howell on 18 May 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 04 May 2019


    Best of luck xx


  • Jason Tawhai

    Jason Tawhai on 03 May 2019


    Much love cuz


  • katalina

    katalina on 03 May 2019



  • Toni Maughan

    Toni Maughan on 03 May 2019


    Lots of Aroha heading your way xo


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Created by nicala Riri
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$2,654 donated

Given by 47 generous donors in around 12 months

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