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Please help fund for Our dad Fred Laban's treatments for Cancer (Brain Tumor)

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Help fund for Dads Brain Cancer Treatments

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Dad had been experiencing severe headaches and numbness around his legs, arms and sometimes throughout his body since the end of July 2018. He also suffered from dementia which had changed his personality causing memory loss and difficulties in communicating or the ability to speak.

Until the morning of September 7th 2018, dad was in the bathroom and all of a sudden he was unable to feel the bottom half of his body and was unable to move or walk so his body had dramatically dropped onto the ground. Dad was rushed to Middlemore Hospital where he was urgently transferred to Auckland Hospital after a couple of hours when the doctors discovered that he has a 7cm cancerous tumor on the right hand side of his brain.

Dad had to undergo an urgent operation on 09/09/2018 secondary to significantly raised intracranial pressure from a large right temporal brain tumor. We have just received dads pathology results and as expected he will require further treatments with Radiation Oncology.

Dad is not eligible for government funding and he desperately need this treatment he deserves to help him live to see his children especially his grandchildren that he loves and adore grow up. Dad only wish to get better so he can return home to meet his grandchildren that he has never met before and give them kisses and cuddles...

Dads hospital bill is 36,000 for 7 days that he was admitted and underwent a major brain tumor operation as well as hospital treatments. On top of that he ahas to pay $14,000.00 for his first 5days of radiation treatment following chemotherapy treatments of 6-12 months.

We are humbly asking everyone to please find it in your heart to help us raise the funds to pay for dads treatments. Any amount is kindly appreciated. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and we appreciate your love, support and never ending prayers for our Dad. We love you All in Jesus Name..God Bless You.

Use of Funds:

Funds will be used for dads medical treatments and if any surplus will go towards dads ongoing treatments and medications

Page created by:

Maggie Lasini


My name is Maggie Lasini daughter of Fred Maluaiga Laban. Please help us fund for dads treatments for cancer (brain tumor) We have just received dads pathology results, he will require further treatments with Radiation Oncology next week. Radiation treatment could be around 6 weeks of treatment with on-going oral chemotherapy for 6-12 months. Dad is not eligible for government funding and he desperately need this treatment and with your help He Can Make It..God is in Control!!

All funds raised benefit:

Fred Maluaiga Laban

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Maggie Lasini on behalf of Fred Maluaiga Laban.

“Sorry to hear about this but God will heal it. Get better soon. Be strong Tara and uso Ualesi...from Tavita, Melody, Berit and Byron”
“Its not much but I wish you and your family all the best in raising the money you require for your fathers treatment. Sending all prayers your way. Stay positive and have faith in God as he works in mysterious ways. We may not know why things happen and we may question him at times but always remember there is always a purpose and reason. Sending my love to you all x”
“Praying for your dads speedy recovery and for your family to be strong at this time. Believe in the Lord that he will provide for our needs. Continue to pray. We love you. From your family in Christ in Samoa.”
“God bless !! Stay strong It's, love you!!”
“All the best! God Bless, May God be with use ❣️”
“May the Lord bless and Heal your Dad's in Jesus Name.Keep trusting God for his Continuous Healing upon him,sorry it's just a small amount,but it's giving with all my Heart to help the family in times of need...God bless you and your family specially your Dad... remember God is always good all the time...LB”
“Praying for Gods healing over the old man ❤️”
“A little goes a long way ofa atu”
  • $820.00 donated
  • 18 generous donors

$820 donated



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