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Dental treatment for my disabled mothers felines <3

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Given by 3 generous donors in around 6 months

Urgent dental treatment to provide for my mother's ill felines

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Hi there, I am creating this page on behalf of my disabled mother who shares a deep love for her cats that need urgent dental care. I currently look after my mother who's health has deteriorated over the past two years, she is an amputee and suffered a head injury from a motorcycle accident when she was seventeen, as a result, this has affected her in all aspect of life, but not in her love and care for animals.

As a solo disabled parent, my mother would take in stray kittens, pregnant mothers, abandoned and injured felines, then adopt them forth to loving homes once they were healthy enough. We took the felines in even when we did not have all the means to provided for them. My mother has a heart of gold and wants to save any animal she can, but due to her constant struggle in deteriorating health, we have had no choice but to re-home our beloved cats. This leaves us currently with five beautiful felines which are elderly and two teenage ones. My mother spends what little she has on feeding them but cannot make up for the vet treatments, especially dental treatment. This really disheartens us and we feel helpless in this circumstance. If we can get some help with vet treatments to fix their teeth this would improve their health dramatically and leave us feeling beyond grateful. Dental care is not cheap and we don't want our cats to suffer anymore. Any help would take the load of myself while I try my best to help my mother during this time. Our cats are Candy (9 years old, female), Noddy (8 years olds, male), Jamie (8 years old, Male), Crocket(5 years old, Female), and Picky(5 years old, Male).



Use of funds

vet treatments such as consultations, vaccines, dental treatment, and food.

Latest donations

Kiri on 12 Apr 2020
Awesome work, I hope the cats get their treatment!
Adrian on 12 Feb 2020
Sean on 11 Feb 2020
Kitty koities :3

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Jodi Naik

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This page was created on 1 Feb 2020 and closed on 2 Aug 2020.
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