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Please Help Me. I have just found out I have cancer, I have run out of sick leave and am scared

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I have cancer and find the power of positive thought healing and like people who are working together to lessen worries and heal me.

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Hi My name is Geoffrey, I am a 31 year old male, I am vegetarian, work out and stay healthy. I have fallen off a three storey balcony and suffered a head injury, rehabilitated and come back to 100% health, the next year I suffered cancer in 2008 which was dealt with without chemotherapy however on my checks they saw something in 2011 and then I did chemotherapy to eradicate it and did my health checks until I got the all clear a few years ago. I have now succeded in life and have got the job of my dreams, I stay healthy and fit but unfortunately it looks like the cancer has returned after all these years. It will require surgery in a few days and will be dealt with at hospital. I have had to take some time off work but do not have enough sick leave and have now got no income to pay rent, buy food and deal with all of this. My parents are helping but they also have a lot of costs on them and can only help so much.

I am very positive that I can overcome anything as I think of the past and with some help from friends, family and the caring people here on givealittle, I will come back, eradicate my illness and continue living healthy, keep making people happy in my work and exploring my passion which is music.

Thank you for reading

Use of funds

I would like to have enough money to pay for rent, transport and groceries for until I can return to work. If there is surplus I will make a donation to the cancer foundation

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 05 May 2019


    Wishing you great health and lots of other good things, Geoff. You deserve them all. I'm a long-time admirer of your wonderful spirit and bright sunny outlook. i'm thinking of you.


  • Russ Demuth

    Russ Demuth on 26 Apr 2019


    It’s not a lot at the moment bro but I’ll help when I can! Kick it’s ass man 👌🏽♥️


  • Christina

    Christina on 24 Apr 2019


    Kia kaha friend


  • Dylan Frater

    Dylan Frater on 23 Apr 2019



  • Sam

    Sam on 23 Apr 2019


    All the best bro!


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$5,133 donated

Given by 57 generous donors in 4 weeks

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