Please help Nanette Bancal Bianes in the fight of her life

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Rallying to support Nanette Bancal Bianes, a wonderful mother, sister, aunt and friend through her ongoing battle with Covid-19


Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some support behind my Auntie Nanette and her family back in the Philippines.

She has been through a heartbreakingly rough time these past few weeks. She lost her mum from Covid-19 early this month. A week after they laid her to rest, Auntie Nanette started to experience shortness of breath & difficulty breathing. She was rushed to the nearest hospitals, was refused a couple of times as they were all full and are not taking new patients. Luckily, Sacred Heart Hospital in Urgello Cebu took her in and she was later diagnosed with Severe Covid Pneumonia.

She is currently in intensive care on a mechanical ventilator fighting for her life. The covid virus grew incredibly fast - her blood pressure dropped a few times as well as her oxygen saturation. She was resuscitated and was given Norepinephrine to keep her blood pumping. Her creatinine levels went up with low urine output, so they had to put her on dialysis too.

She has four beautiful children with my late Uncle. She is their only living parent, and with 2 teenagers that still depends on her. My cousins would never put themselves out there to ask for help, which is why I wanted to do this for them.

All we ask is, please help Auntie Nanette out if you can. Any donations will be gratefully received and even messages of encouragement or support would be greatly appreciated. She needs all the help she can get to pay for the drugs, hospital bills, dialysis treatment and to support her 2 teenagers through this trying time. Her children needs their only living parent, and we need my auntie to survive this. All your thoughts and donations are greatly appreciated!

Bea Romero's involvement (page creator)

I am Auntie Nanette’s niece, and I wanted to set up this page for her and my cousins as a way to help out financially as much as possible.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to pay for the drugs (Tocilizumab 200mg x 4), hospital bills and for her dialysis treatment.

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Guest Donor 44 mins ago
We are praying for you and your family, Kia Kaha. God bless you always.
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Guest Donor 5 hours ago
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Guest Donor 17 hours ago
Keep the faith. Kia kaha!
Lisa 20 hours ago
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Guest Donor 3 days ago
Praying that you will recover very soon. God bless you and your family

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