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Please help relief Marley’s pain

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Please help me help get my Marley boy the dental work he needs and relief his pain

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  Manawatu / Whanganui

Marley is my fur baby of 6 years I have had him from 7weeks old and is another child to me ..

Marley is a American bulldog x kelpie and is 6 years old

Unfortunately he has lost 4 of his front teeth (this is unknown how and why to both myself and our vet) and one back tooth looks like it is dying and he needs X-rays and possibly surgery to remove this.

Vets have said it could be one of 2 things cancer in the jaw with a long technical name or something underlining the jaw line that will need xrays to determine what it is..

He has been in and out of the vets with pain killers and finally a referral has been sent through to the animal dentistry to examine him and these costs are very high I have been given a quote for his dental work of 1500-2000$ with xrays included 😞

My poor baby needs this as he has stopped eating anything semi hard and is only eating dog roll and some times cat food which isn’t good for his nutrition.

Use of funds

Marley’s dental work xrays and travel to and from vets

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We have a emergency appt   14 July 2019

Posted by: Roxanne Billington

After the last get appt they ring Massey animal hospital (more equiped with dental side of things in animals ) and got them to get a move on with Marley’s appt which they have done so .. we have a appt tomorrow at 9am for a exam and a X-ray 😔 I will then no more to the extent tomorrow hoping and praying it isn’t cancer ...

Dental X-ray and sedation $600

Just the consult $155

2 extractions $1500

(Will not be doing the extraction tomorrow as I don’t have the cash) 😭

But at least with the xrays well no more so on what is going on under those gums and jaw bone as to why he lost the teeth in the first place .

And this is supposed to be a training hospital??

Once again thank u all that have already donated please share around x

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Latest donations

Sue Phipps
Sue Phipps on 12 Jul 2019
Best of luck Marley and family xx
Tizzy on 12 Jul 2019
johnella on 12 Jul 2019
sorry not much but hope it helps.. praying for ur baby to get better..
Wendy on 11 Jul 2019
Poor baby , I hope you get the treatment you need xoxoxo
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Jul 2019

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