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Please help relief Marley’s pain

  • We have a emergency appt      14 July 2019
    Posted by: Roxanne Billington
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    After the last get appt they ring Massey animal hospital (more equiped with dental side of things in animals ) and got them to get a move on with Marley’s appt which they have done so .. we have a appt tomorrow at 9am for a exam and a X-ray 😔 I will then no more to the extent tomorrow hoping and praying it isn’t cancer ...

    Dental X-ray and sedation $600

    Just the consult $155

    2 extractions $1500

    (Will not be doing the extraction tomorrow as I don’t have the cash) 😭

    But at least with the xrays well no more so on what is going on under those gums and jaw bone as to why he lost the teeth in the first place .

    And this is supposed to be a training hospital??

    Once again thank u all that have already donated please share around x

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