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Queenstown Violence Free Bars - Updates - Givealittle

  • THE REBOOT. KEEPING KIWIS SAFE.     30 June 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Hello to everyone that reads this Update. Our Page QVFB has been closed for a little bit and we are now Rebooting her. What happened was that we were putting our hopes that a Story of this Page and the Whole Project of the Society through to how we created this Community Policing Model and all of the work that has gone into this Project.

    And the person that as writing the Story kinda disappeared for what ever reason.

    Look, this was my Fault as I took that chance as I kinda Pinned the Launch marketing of this Page and Project upon the release of that story.

    But it never came to be, and that kinda left us hanging, especially for me as I had to go back to the COuncil and try and explain why I put the Launch off so long and screwed it up in getting funding.

    Again that was me. (Jonathan).

    But now we are back, and we have worked upon and created all the Launch materials from Intel packets to The Main Movie which is around 25 minutes that tells the story that was meant to be shown to Kiwis so as they can make a decision to back us financially and with Aroha.

    I have one more shot to get the Funding or I lose the Project. Which is a little bit of pressure.

    But Im not giving up until its time to do that, as its not just me that gets this Shot, its our Nation, as this chance we have to do something, and something really really good to make Aotearoa a safer place will be gone.

    and I know in my heart that it won't be coming back as it is just to much work to do another one.

    So, please if you can help us to help you and your Whanau be safer at home in our home Aotearoa.

    there is another little video we made for all of those who do not want to watch the big video, and we shall be releasing that next week so please share it, if you do read this.

    I hope its not our last update, and Ill do my best to do this.

    God Bless Aotearoa, to you and your Whanau and for all those who are making this happen.

    God Bless.


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  • 26th MARCH 2019 Funding update Kiwi land     26 March 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    So much has happened from the last update, it almost seems unreal to look back and see it all over in my mind again, from finding out on STUFF.NZ to watching it on CNN.


    and Hope.

    We are not him, that is not us, we are them, they are ours, I love my People and I'll Die to protect anyone of them and anyone of them is worth 1,000,000,000 times more than anyone else, and I know that sounds bad as they will say that we are all created equal, but that's not the case, that has no meaning where we are right now and that is to never let another Kiwi Fall, they are all just too precious to us, Aotearoa is our Country and our People should always have the best Safety, to live in a Country of no fear or Hate, and even though we may not say Hello, you know that as Kiwis we don't have to, as you're my People, our People.

    This has gone on a little longer than i had thought.

    Update Video for 26th March 2019.

    First Contact with NY City guys who are doing what we are doing but aren't doing the community Policing Model. as they never do, but I am hoping to show them why it only works with one.

    They ahve Intel I'm sure that we could swap and help each other out.

    I am now officially tired, 44 Hours awake now, and im dithering, anyways, If anyone ever does read this, Im hoping my Fatty will chill.

    Everyone Stay Safe and always Remember you are Aotearoan. Forever.

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  • 10TH MARCH 2019 UPDATE     10 March 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    It's been a while, but here i still am.. lol.

    A lot has happened from sign ups through to harassment but we are still here moving forwards.

    I won't lie it is getting pretty hard without Funding it really is, but I am sure that sometime soon we can get some, but until then JUST KEEP GOING.

    So to everyone stay safe and see you next time.


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  • 4th February 2019 - UPDATE on the QVFB      4 February 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Here is a 2 part update, one where i was in Queenstown meeting bar owners and managers on the Sunday at the end of Jan and then the 4th of February 2019.

    I'm tired, again, and grouchy so please forgive the grouchyness if indeed that is a word.

    Stay Safe all of you as you just don't know how important you all are to this Country of ours and the world we live in.

    God Bless.

    Another Kiwi.

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  • UPDATE 19TH JAN QVFB Jonathan in Queenstown     19 January 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Here is an Update for our Donators.

    This one is where I am in Queenstown visiting bars and venues to give them information's upon the Protection system and the Predator Free Bars Model.

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  • Just before Mountain scene 9th Jan      9 January 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Hey everyone this is just a quick hello before the QVFB appears in the Mountain Scene Queenstown, so I am hoping to have the a Fair and well represented write up as what we are to do is to prevent violence and Rape and Assaults and horrible things, so I hope that that message isn't taken away by some negative narrative being run. But we shall see.

    Anyways keep safe and hopefully see you soon with some good news.

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  • Update Jan 8th 2019!! Happy New Year     8 January 2019
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I really do hope you all kept safe and had a catch up with your Whanau and shared the Aroha Nui.

    So, just a quickie as its head down and charge on. Stay Safe and God Bless and catch up soon.

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  • A December update     24 December 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    So, I have had the initial meeting with the Liquor licensing inspector in Queenstown and have come back down to Dunedin to carry on with the project, so just another quick update on the happenings.

    Stay Safe and God Bless.

    Ohh and Merry Christmas by the way.

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  • Such Hurt in Aotearoa. Prayers for that Young little Wahine.      11 December 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    It is another update but I'm sorry it isn't better its just a bad time right now with what happened to us a s a nation in protecting that little girl.

    Parents of kids trust that when they come here that they are looked after and I want to tell them that we will look after them , give our lives to save them, but how can they trust us if this is what happens when they do allow their children to come here.

    We are better than this, So much better and we can make it safer.

    Some day we will be able to have funding and make New Zealand what she should be, Our Home and a safe Home together.

    We are all one bog Whanau and until we realize this, will always be broken.

    together. Prayers for little Grace and her Whanau Daer God what have we done.

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  • Re-Opening Our Page     7 December 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon
    Main image

    Hi guys, sorry my fault as a newbie, this Give-a-little page was meant to have a closed date of a year and i thought i had checked the right Box, and so Waalaa it closed and now i have reopened it again.

    So sorry for any confusion.

    God Bless and Stay Safe

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  • WORKING HARD OUTWITH CHARLES     10 November 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    Always gotta have a level head in the room, so Charles gives his opinion every now and again.

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  • 1 WEEK IN - THANK YOU      6 November 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

    It's about a week in and we are starting to build the team and the viewers, so thank you to all that are helping build a Violence Free Aotearoa. Ka Kite.

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  • A CALL TO THE COMMUNITY. MAKE A CHOICE     12 October 2018
    Posted by: Jonathan Dixon
    Main image

    So, it's D day, after working on this Model for 2 years, dedicating full time to create a system of Protection that will make it safer for communities around the world.

    A lot of work has gone into this Model, Testing out functions of the model in International research, both Formal and Informal, running control and Focus Groups and running continuous feedback channels so as to make sure that this Model can adapt to the changing environment and the threats within to keep our Community's vulnerable safe from bad guys.

    Now, we are to see if the Community wants to get behind it, it really all comes down to this,

    It's not just a Donation, it's a Vote

    on whether or not our Community is open-minded enough to stop leaving it up to the Government to come up with a plan to protect us, to back a New Community Policing Model, to make a stand and have a voice from the community, the local community to say enough is enough, together we can do this.

    Nowhere else in the World has this ever been done before, Nowhere,

    If we climbed the Mountain and Split the Atom, we can become more as a society, we can be best as Kiwis.

    Let's show the world.

    It's now all up to you guys.

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