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Queenstown Violence Free Bars

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PLEASE HELP US CREATE A SAFER AOTEAROA - Help us Stop the Violence and Sexual Violence within the Community and Donate to the PILOT.

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Queenstown is New Zealand's most famous town, known around the World as the 'Number 1' place to visit, It's absolutely Beautiful. So this is going to sound very strange.

Queenstown is also New Zealand's most Violent Town, It has '5 X the National Average' for Violence and now Sexual Violence is out of control and there are no plans whatsoever to deal with the increase in Population to our Beautiful little Queenstown.

The Reality is there has been a staggering rise in Alcohol-Related Violence in Queenstown, but the rise in Sexual Assaults, the number of young women, kiwi and Tourist young lady's are being sexually assaulted at an increase of over 425%.

Whatever system that is in place at present to keep those young lady's and the Community from such horrible crimes isn't failing, it's failed, and its failed as there is 'No formal system or model' in NZ.

For those we are to protect, the most vulnerable in the community and young women visiting our country for the first time, Trusting our Country New Zealand, Aotearoa will be safe, and it is meant to be, We expect that it is as the community we place that trust in the hands of others that are to do this expectancy. But it isn't done, Not a little, not at all.

Now it is our Turn, The Community's turn to make Queenstown and New Zealand a much more safer place for those tourists, for our young Kiwi women and the members of our Community.

This Give-A-Little page has been set up to help fund a System of Protection that has never been done before, a New Type Of Community Policing that has been specifically built for the purpose of Protecting the Community at Night-Time. Designed to 'Identify Predators' both Violent and Sexual Predators, who are out at night hurting our Communities.

This Protection System is called the 'PREDATOR FREE BARS' Model,

This Model is purpose built to do what it says, and it does just that, it removes the Violent and Sexual offenders from the Night Time Community, so as these bad people cannot be around the good people of community when we are at our most vulnerable, when our guard is down, when we are out socialising with our friends and Whanau.

We are introducing this Model into the Queenstown Night Time Industry, under what we are calling


This Model has been in development for over 2 years and now it is ready to be deployed into an area where it can make the most change and for the better, by immediately securing the Nightclubs and Bars which operate in Queenstown, to provide, not safer areas but a much Safer Town.

This Model really is a first of its kind in Community Policing as it heavily involves the Community working together in making it Predator Free and ultimately a Violence Free Queenstown.

425% increase in Sexual Assaults and Attacks, Stops Now!!

As Kiwis it is in our Blood to protect our Whanau, our Extended Whanau and our Community, to keep them all safe from harm, so we must work together in doing this, to be our best, that is Kiwi.

We project that once the 'Predator Free Bars' model is operational and running as it is designed to, that the Predator Free Bars Model will decrease the Violent and Sexual Assaults in Queenstown by 50%.

Only together, as a Community, that we can reduce this Extreme Crime rate rise that is hurting New Zealand, we must protect her, Together.

So, Please help us bring the PREDATOR FREE BARS Model into Queenstown,

Take Part in bringing this Protection System into Queenstown by donating toward the Model.

We have placed Links here for you to more information upon the Predator Free Bars Model and how it works in Identifying Sexual Offenders and removing them from their stalking grounds.


This truly is a first for the community, be you a member of the Queenstown Community, or from throughout our nation.

The Model has been designed so as to have Transparency for the community,

This New Type of Community Policing Model allows the Community to keep up to date upon how the Model is protecting the community, for the first time ever, the Model has the Community updated with meetings held between the parties involved, since the Community itself is part of this Model, through our Technology you can attend meetings that are held between the Representative of the Queenstown Violence Free Bars Chief Administrators and the Police, Councils and others, for others the community is given reports on how well the working relationships are with everyone involved.

Why? because we work together to make Queenstown safer, because this Protection Model works best when the community is working together and together we can do this, We can Prevent a young Tourist from waking up in hospital, we can prevent the trauma that lasts forever upon a young kiwi who has been Raped by one of these Predators.

So, please donate and bring our Model to life, directly play your part in protecting our community.


To find out More upon the QUEENSTOWN VIOLENCE FREE BARS CAMPAIGN please read our Queenstown Intel Kit.

Before I go i want to clarify in regards to us having '2' Give-a-little Pages.


And The SAFE BARS New Zealand Page.

Why 2 Pages?

The QVFB Page is to find Funding for a 'PILOT' System we are implementing for Research that we are conducting within the Industry centering upon the Senior Security personnel.

For this Pilot, we will be creating 2 Main Control Groups made up of the Senior Personnel that we are utilizing for the Research.

What we are gathering the Research upon is the outcomes we collate from the different types of materials that we are upgrading the Senior Security Personnel (Senior Bouncers) upon.

This Research is 2 Fold,

The First is testing and adapting our 'EDUCATION METHODOLOGY' that we have built specifically for the Senior Bouncers to upgrade upon, so as to show that our 'Education Methodology' is far superior than that of which is used around the World at the present when it comes to educating Senior Security and Senior Bouncers in the Global Hospitality Industry.

The Second goal of the research is to be able to show that there is a direct correlation between the Upgrades that have been implemented towards the Senior Bouncers and the Reduction of the Crime rate within the Target Area.

We want to obtain this very research to show that the Pilot system works dramatically better than having no Model in place at present to protect the Night Time Industry from Violence, once we have this data, we are going to take it to Parliament and show them what we have accomplished and push them to allow us to place this Model throughout Aotearoa, to create the safest Hospitality Industry in the World.

Now SAFE BARS New Zealand Page:

This Page SAFE BARS New Zealand wasn't meant to be created for a while, as we would be stretched for Human Resources, There is a lot of work that had to take place before the SAFE BARS New Zealand Project of providing Specific Safe Bars and 'Sanctuary Bars here in New Zealand,

It was meant to be sometime next year, but then it happened.

That horrific man who killed our Beautiful Kiwis, that Horror happened to our people, and that changed everything to me, I cannot wait, we cannot wait, I want to do everything I can to keep New Zealand Safe, to keep our People safe and those who come here to Aotearoa, Safe.

So, I have worked day and Night and day and Night, to bring the SAFE BARS New Zealand forward, and Since I am in Residing in Dunedin and travelling to and from Queenstown, (When I can pay for the bus), I can start the process of creating SAFE BARS here in Dunedin and in Queenstown now..

It has been and still is a lot of work , but I am getting through it and under the Strategy now, We can Start the process of making New Zealand have these SAFE BARS and keep them so as to have places for female Tourists that are being hassled or have been hassled to be able to go to and have them make them feel safe.

Just knowing that one thing, to them and their Parents will make the world of difference I reckon,

So. Now you know why I have 2 Give-a-Little pages,

I am hoping to have some of the wealthy Queenstowners help funding and I am sure they will if indeed we get some press and people know about us,

So, please if you have any questions, please just contact me through any of the Facebook Pages that I have for both QVFB and SAFE BARS.

Stay Safe and God Bless.

(To which ever God you believe inn as it makes no difference to us).

Aroha Nui.


Use of funds

The Training and Development of Frontline Security Personnel, Control Group Research, Creating and Design of Smartphone Application for the QVFB Campaign, Administration of QVFB Blogs and Social Media Sites for The Transparency Element, Kiwi Focus Groups

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Latest update


Posted by: Jonathan Dixon

Hello to everyone that reads this Update. Our Page QVFB has been closed for a little bit and we are now Rebooting her. What happened was that we were putting our hopes that a Story of this Page and the Whole Project of the Society through to how we created this Community Policing Model and all of the work that has gone into this Project.

And the person that as writing the Story kinda disappeared for what ever reason.

Look, this was my Fault as I took that chance as I kinda Pinned the Launch marketing of this Page and Project upon the release of that story.

But it never came to be, and that kinda left us hanging, especially for me as I had to go back to the COuncil and try and explain why I put the Launch off so long and screwed it up in getting funding.

Again that was me. (Jonathan).

But now we are back, and we have worked upon and created all the Launch materials from Intel packets to The Main Movie which is around 25 minutes that tells the story that was meant to be shown to Kiwis so as they can make a decision to back us financially and with Aroha.

I have one more shot to get the Funding or I lose the Project. Which is a little bit of pressure.

But Im not giving up until its time to do that, as its not just me that gets this Shot, its our Nation, as this chance we have to do something, and something really really good to make Aotearoa a safer place will be gone.

and I know in my heart that it won't be coming back as it is just to much work to do another one.

So, please if you can help us to help you and your Whanau be safer at home in our home Aotearoa.

there is another little video we made for all of those who do not want to watch the big video, and we shall be releasing that next week so please share it, if you do read this.

I hope its not our last update, and Ill do my best to do this.

God Bless Aotearoa, to you and your Whanau and for all those who are making this happen.

God Bless.


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$210 donated

Given by 7 generous donors in over a year

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