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Renovation of St.Sava Church Island Bay Wellington

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The 100+ years old church buildings need to be preserved from deterioration and upgraded to the present building standards.

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The St.Sava Church Community are the proud holders of a piece of Wellington's history. Our church buildings at 75 The Parade, Island Bay are built in original early settlers’ style and have been serving the Christian religion in Wellington for over 100 years. The entrance of the church is graced with beautiful pohutukawa trees which are also 100 years old. Sadly, the buildings and the infrastructure are in a dire condition. The trees are in need for attention. We can't afford all the required refurbishment works. We are raising funds to fix the buildings, the internal infrastructure and bring the church to the present building standards and required compliance.

We need your help now. We would be grateful for any donation which would add to our funds.


The original buildings were built in 1906 to be a church and home for the St. Francis Brotherhood of Island Bay. They served the community of early settlers of the area, many of them being of Italian origin. Some Italian families still remember the place and the ceremonies they participated in. The Serbian community purchased the property from St. Francis in 1968, refurbished the deteriorated buildings by generous giving and volunteering and dedicated the church to St. Sava. In 1969, the first liturgy in Serbian language was served in the refurbished St.Sava church. From then, over fifty years now, it has been a place of prayer and charitable work, where people connect and share.

In 2019, as part of our 50 years’ jubilee, we are rising funds to restore our church again. Giving a little can make a lot to preserve this historic treasure of Wellington and our community.


St. Sava is a Serbian medieval prince from the line of Nemanjic family. He is the first Serbian Archbishop, lawyer and educator, who established the independent Serbian Christian Orthodoxy 800 years ago.

With thanks, Serbian Community of Wellington and St.Sava church.

Use of funds:

The funds will be dedicated for strengthening the buildings, refurbishment, replacement of old pipes, electrical wiring, fixing roofs, fences, healing and shaping the trees, new planting. Any surplus will go for church social help programmes. In progress.

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We are a registered charity, having being present in Wellington and Island Bay community for over 50 years. We provide spiritual leadership following the canons of the Christian Orthodox faith, connecting people and serving the community on their path to God.

“Happy Easter!”
“Hello Viro All the best the renovation project You are the greatest God Speed and God Bless Doug”
“Good luck!”
“Keep up the good work.”
“Pozdrav iz Brizbena”
“Those Pohutukswa trees are a real treasure . It gladdens my heart to see they are being cared for so well .”
“With hope in God's mercy, all the best for the renovations.”
  • $2,510.00 donated
  • 29 generous donors

$2,510 donated


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