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Help Sam get a non-funded drug treatment for leukaemia

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Sam is raising money to fund a non-pharmac approved chemo drug that has shown real promise in trials to fight leukaemia.

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Treatment Cancer

Sam first got leukaemia in 2012, had 4 rounds of chemo and had a 6 month remission. Then relapsed and had 2 high-dose rounds of chemo, followed by a donor stem cell transplant in January 2014. She then got 3 years remission, only to have it relapse again in November 2016. She did high dose vitamin C for 5 months before blasts entered the bloodstream. Having done 2 rounds of low-dose chemo she achieved remission again, but it hasn't lasted. Now the best chance of achieving remission and having it stick is a drug called Venetoclax which is not pharmac approved as yet for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. We are going to find the first $19,500 and are also going to our health insurer to maximise what we can get from them, but what they will cover is minimal compared to the cost because its not pharmac-approved. It is probable that if this drug helps, Sam may need to take a maintenance dose longer term and this could cost upwards of $60,000 a year.

Sam is a fighter and also has always responded well to treatment in terms of remission and this drug may help keeping the remission as it lights up the cancer cells so they can be seen by the immune system and also flicks the switch off on cancer cells being able to live longer than normal cells and replicate. The US has fast tracked the drug and has marked it as a breakthrough medication, so we have no choice but to give this a go!

One of Sam's children has developed a significant health issue over the last few years that will take some time to recover from and as a Mum she is determined to be here to support her child back to health.

We don't like asking people for money, but we do want Sam to live as long as possible so she can be with her family and this appears a promising option for achieving that. All amounts are appreciated no matter how small. Together we can make more miracles possible!

Funds will be raised to pay for the Venetoclax chemo drug over however long we need it or until it does become pharmac-approved and covered by health insurance.

If that drug does not work I will use money for high dose vitamin C to prolong life and improve quality of life. Any funds not used for venetoclax (or failing that high dose vitamin C), will be donated directly to the Haematology Daystay unit at Auckland Hospital through my specialist, as this unit is very under resourced and used by many patients from throughout New Zealand for long periods of time during their chemo and post-transplant treatment.

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Samantha Gabriel


Sam is a 45 year old mother of two teenagers, married to Jonathan for 23 years. She also has two fur babies - Sasha the dog and Ouzo the cat. Sam has been fighting Acute Myloid Leukaemia for 5 years now and needs your help to continue the fight.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Samantha Gabriel.

  • $7,035.84 donated
  • 65 generous donors

$7,036 donated

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