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Save Mercury Bay

  • Update on appeal for proposed mussel spat farm in Mercury Bay      2 March 2021

    Posted by: Save Mercury Bay Trust

    Dear supporters,

    In December 2020, our appeal against Waikato Council's decision to consent a mussel spat farm in Mercury Bay was heard.

    The hearing was over 9 days and followed by a site visit by the Court. A huge effort was put into preparing the materials for the hearing; not only by our very capable counsel, Martin Williams but also by our 5 expert witnesses (including Ingrid Visser, New Zealand's leading Orca specialist) and 13 lay witnesses. The experts and our lay witnesses also came to the Court and answered questions.

    We were pleased with how our case came across and think we have landed in a strong position to appeal the proposed mussel spat farm.

    At the close of the hearing the Court asked for further legal submissions on all aspects of the case except biosecurity which has been reserved post the outcome of the ruling on all other matters. It would appear that it could be some months before we will have a final decision.

    We are extremely grateful to everyone who has already donated to the appeal – your support has been invaluable.

    The cost of the Appeal has been substantial, almost doubling what we anticipated.

    To get through the final stages of this appeal we need extra financial support. It is hard to estimate what we might need to get to the end of this process but possibly another $25,000.

    We would really appreciate your help either directly or if you might know of anyone else who might be willing to donate.

    Please help us spread the word.

    Donations can be made at

    Thanks so much,

    The Save Mercury Bay Trust

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  • Fundraising target     25 June 2020

    Posted by: Save Mercury Bay Trust

    The fundraising target has been set at $50,000

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