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Help save shadow and flash

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This page has been set up in the hopes to help raise funds to go towards the legal battle of saving shadow and flash from destruction.

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Due to unfortunate circumstances,  two of Shane's alaskan malamutes have found themselves on the wrong side of the law and are now facing a destruction order.

For those that are unaware, Alaskan malamutes are a unique artic breed that aren't for the faint hearted. They are a challenging yet rewarding working breed with a number of traits that most dog owners would probably frown upon. However with responsible, dedicated owners these dogs thrive in a variety of lifestyles.

Shane is one such owner, that has done exceptionally well with his three mal's. Having had them for 6 years, not only are they his companions, his family, he has put so much work into these dogs; running them as a team throughout the south island in various sledding competitions - a feat that anyone who knows mal's wouldn't take lightly.  These dogs are bred for this work and thrive on it.

Last month however in a freak incident the two boys, shadow (6.5yrs) and flash (1.5yrs) found themselves with a way off the rental property they were living in. There was a window frame that was rotten unknowingly beneath the paint, which completely fell out when one of the dogs leaned their paws on the glass enabling the dogs to get out of the normally secure property. The two boys escaped and killed a number of sheep before Shane could track them down.

The farmer has been compensated, apologies have been made and assurances given that the dogs will be moved from the area and so will no longer be a threat to his stock. He has been understanding of the situation and has not pressed charges. The ranger has seen Shane's property, the window and his dog enclosure and was willing to give the dogs back.

Dogs are usually given a Menacing or Dangerous classification in this type of situation, which is what was initially happening, but the council are now seeking for them both to be destroyed and wont consider any other alternatives.

This is a first time offence that only happened due to exceptional circumstances. The dogs do not deserve to lose their lives over it, not after the fact.

Shane is now facing a court appearance to argue "Exceptional Circumstances" led this event to happen and have the destruction order stopped in the sentencing phase and prove that they aren't vicious dogs that need to be destroyed. If he is successful, they will be moved out of the area into a secure boarding kennels with breed experienced staff for the foreseeable future.

The two brothers aren't just normal house pets, they are worked properly and love doing what their breed is designed for - pulling sleds and running. They should at least get a second chance to continue their life doing so.

The boys have been in the pound since the 13th sept, and pound fees are being added on daily, along with lawyers fees, its going to be a costly endeavour but worth it if they can stay alive.

The court system can be slow and it could even be months before the court date is even set, but hopefully a bid to the council to at least have them stay in a Boarding Kennels in the interim may be possible. Fingers crossed.

It has been estimated that fee's will total anywhere between $15,000- $20,000. A big bill, but worth it if flash and shadow live. Any small thing will help, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

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Abbey Hartnett


As a fellow mal owner, I was devastated to hear the news regarding Shane's dogs. They got off the property due to a freak incident. The farmer has been compensated and is not pressing charges. The ranger dealing with the incident gave the dogs back, satisfied with shane as an owner and his enclosure for the dogs. They weren't destroyed at the time of their crime even though legally they could have been. This is a first time offence. Now the dogs remain impounded, their future in the courts hands. I'd like to think the sled dog community and other fellow dog owners will rally in support of Shane and his dogs as such an unfortunate event could happen to any one of us.

All funds raised benefit:

Shane Hancock


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Shane Hancock.

  • $3,563.00 donated
  • 59 generous donors

$3,563 donated

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