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Scammed on facebook in 2016.

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Scammed Nzd 80,000 on facebook.

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Hello generous and kind donors.

Please read my sad story and please help me.

In June 2016, I was approached by a lady's profile called Kristen Lee Paddock from Amman, Jordan on facebook. She was friendly in the start and showed an interest in getting married to me and after few days started asking and then begging for money to help her move out of that country due to Isis war in Syria. I was in doubt before but then she kept on coming daily on Facebook Messenger chat and pleaded to me to help her immigrate to Nz and then she will pay me back all my money she borrowed from me as she had her late father's inheritance. She emailed me her late father's inheritance certificate with a request to urgently help her. She said she fled from Syria to Jordan as her parents had been killed in Syrian war and wanted to save her life and her 2 siblings.

In July 2016, after questioning her for about a month of her genuineness I started to wonder is she really a genuine person in need of help or a scammer. Then I thought what if she is really in pain and needs financial help. Then I trusted her story and started giving her money.

But after paying her first request she made another request and that carried on till January 2017 whereby I paid her Nzd 80,000. Then when all my savings had been given to her and I couldn't pay her more she blocked me and ran away with my money. Then I realized she was a scammer. I was scammed and felt horrible that why did I have a soft heart and reached out to help this person.

I went to Nz police but they said once the money goes out outside Nz they cannot help in any way.

I went into very bad depression as all my hard earned savings had gone and everyday till today I ask myself why did I do this.

Please can I ask for help from all generous donors to help me recover my lost funds i.e. Nzd 80,000 and I will pay them all back slowly slowly in due time as I do have a small job which helps me pay my rent and little food to survive.

PLEASE HELP ME to recover my scammed money and I promise to pay you all back. If only 1400 generous donors can lend me $50, this target is achievable and I promise to pay you all back slowly slowly.

Thank you for your generosity and genuine help. Much appreciated always.


Ruzbe Printer

Use of funds

The money will help me recover my lost funds and from that I will help pay all the kind donors slowly slowly.

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This page was created on 15 Jun 2018 and closed on 19 Dec 2019.
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