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Talk Peach is a registered New Zealand charity founded by and run by gynaecological cancer survivors.

We know all too well the devastation that comes with this diagnosis and the heartbreaking feeling of being overlooked.

Talk Peach are desperate to educate and break down the stigma stopping life-saving conversations.

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness month, for years this has crept past without a whisper, stigma plays a part, so does the fact that we don’t have the army of survivors to march the streets and fundraise, our community are dying.

There are major gaps in public awareness.

1 New Zealander dies every day from 1 of the 5 gynaecological cancers, that's higher than our road toll.

The survival rate for ovarian cancer sits at 37%, breast cancer used to have a similar outlook but now thanks to incredible advocacy, large scale fundraising and an immense amount of research, public support and awareness the 10 year breast cancer survival rate now sits at 92% when detected via a mammogram.

Talk Peach acknowledges and applauds the tremendous outcomes in the fight against breast cancer and believe that with similar commitment and resources we can achieve the same success for gynaecological cancers.

“In 10 years time, I don’t want to see that nothing has changed, I can’t bear to see more and more New Zealanders dying of gynaecological cancers, of something they had never heard of, never knew the signs for, or that remain so underfunded in all aspects of the disease (support, education and research). It breaks my heart over and over feeling like I got cancer that no one can talk about” -Tash Crosby Ovarian cancer survivor and Talk Peach Founder

We have to start having life-saving conversations about gynaecological health, staying silent is harming our communities. We desperately need gynaecological cancer month to be as bold as other cancer awareness months.

Talk Peach are trying to raise $50,000 a mere fraction of what other health initiatives make but for us it's a start.

Our mission moving forward is to:

To provide education on gynaecological health

To educate the community on the signs and symptoms of the 5 gynaecological cancers in order to reduce late diagnosis

To provide information and support to all those diagnosed with gynaecological cancers

To support those involved with life-saving research into gynaecological cancer treatment and cures.

To advocate for better funding into: education and awareness, research, clinical trials, access to medications, and better pathways to diagnostic testing.

Please help us put gynaecological cancer in the spotlight, support those diagnosed and save lives, our community needs you.

More about us

Talk Peach Gynaecological Foundation:

To educate New Zealanders on gynaecological cancer, connect and support those who are diagnosed and support those involved in life saving research.

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About us

Talk Peach Gynaecological Foundation:

To educate New Zealanders on gynaecological cancer, connect and support those who are diagnosed and support those involved in life saving research.

Use of funds

Educational talks nationwide, physio for those diagnosed, meals delivered for those diagnosed and their family, printing of Talk Peach Ovarian Cancer support guide for DHB's nationwide (an N.Z first) and ongoing raising of awareness and advocacy.

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The end of the month looms  21 September 2021

Posted by: Talk Peach

Kia ora all,

Well we are nearly at 20k of a 50k ask for gynaecological cancer.

We are so grateful, this month has always gone past so silently and it feels like this is the year that gynaecological cancer has finally been given the spotlight it so desperately needs.

1 New Zealander dies every 24 hours from a gynaecological cancer, yet these cancers have remained largely in the dark and hugely underfunded. The survival rates for ovarian cancer in New Zealand are below those of Australia, and have barely shifted since the 1970s.

Talk Peach is founded by an ovarian cancer survivor. We aim to shine a light on the 5 gynaecological cancers, they are real and affecting many New Zealand families.

We have managed to do so much on a shoestring budget, other charities have made contact to say the reach we have made in 2 years has been incredible.

We have educated nationwide, we are now key note speaker at gynaecological events held by district health boards (with more lined up) schools are requesting us to come in, workplaces have us in to educate staff, we fund physiotherapy and are now delivering meals to those diagnosed, our educational website is averaging over 2k visitors per week at present, and we have New Zealand's very first ovarian cancer support guide coming out this will be downloadable via our website by the end of this month and will be printed and distributed to oncology wards at hospitals nationwide, it is has been peer reviewed by gynaecological oncologists who have advised that it is an incredible game changing body of work, we know this will be an invaluable resource, no more single piece of paper from an overseas charity once diagnosed.

So much has been done and we are so thankful for your support. We hope one day that 50K doesn't seem like such a monumental goal to achieve, that gynaecological cancers are spoken openly about like breast and prostate cancer, that those diagnosed feel well supported and seen and the public are well educated. It takes a community to make change and for this we are so grateful. Ngā mihi atu, Tash Crosby - Founder.

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