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So much to live for!

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I am fundraising for my continued treatment to fight terminal cancer.

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  Nelson / Tasman

Hello! My name is Babs and I am married to Mark. I have 4 children and nearly 8 grandchildren. In March 2019 I was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer of the esophagus with metastases to my liver and lymph nodes. I was given four months to live. I was a suitable candidate for a drug called Herceptin which is widely used and funded in New Zealand but NOT for people with my type of cancer. I was advised to fund raise to make this happen.

I needed around $70,000 and raised over half. I cashed in my Kiwisaver account and family all over the globe have fundraised for me. You can see my previous page here:

Despite two brain tumors this year, surgery and radiation in Christchurch, I am still alive and receiving ongoing treatment as it is still working. My oncologist says this is remarkable!

I am also receiving complimentary treatments such as IV vitamin C and a range of reputable supplements.

THIS REGIME needs to continue and I am still paying for Herceptin every three weeks.

I need to fundraise on an ongoing basis for my treatment, as my life depends on it. I really want to continue living and see my children, grandchildren, parents and brothers in Europe and Australia again.

I depend on your generosity and compassion to make this happen.

With thanks and love, Babs

Use of funds

The funds will be used to pay for Herceptin infusions, prescription medicine, supplements and IV vitamin C.

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Stable! 😊  29 August 2020

Posted by: Barbel (Babs) Roberts-Borchers

Hi dear friends! Two weeks ago I had a CT scan in Nelson Hospital and got the results for that now. My liver is still looking great, my oesophagus unchanged in tumour size and one of the two (or three?) cancerous lymph nodes is still growing but only very slowly!

This means that I am ABLE TO CONTINUE with my non funded immunotherapy.

It is great news to hear that it's still working and I have the chance to extend my life further.

The ONLY downside is that I need to continue to raise my own funds.

I need a minimum of $1500 every three weeks, that sum excludes my regular medication.

So if you are at all able to help me, even a little bit, please consider a financial contribution. 🙏


Thank you for reading this!

PS the photo was taken this week after my first hydro therapy session since March! I think I have made progress since then, as my foot can now touch the ground - most of the time :)

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Barbel (Babs) Roberts-Borchers

Hi, I just saw you kindly donated some money towards my treatment funds. I am very thankful to you, blessings, Babs

Barbel (Babs) Roberts-Borchers

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