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Spinal Surgery for Ian the Corgi

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Our corgi Ian has been unable to use his hind legs since Friday, and we are seeking financial support for his surgery.

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Ian is our really sweet natured, beloved friend. He is a Welsh Cardigan Corgi. On Friday morning his hind legs stopped working, we were devastated and we rushed him to the vets immediately. They assessed him, carried out x-rays and informed us that he had most likely slipped a disc.

Ian needed to have further diagnostic imaging performed, in either the form of a myelogram or an MRI. This diagnostic imaging would determine if surgery was going to help him recover movement in his hind legs. However, due to the lockdown we had to wait longer than usual for this to happen and the lockdown also meant an MRI could not be accessed. The diagnostic imaging could only be carried out on Monday, so I nursed him through the weekend until then.

On Monday, his condition was still stable; he hadn't gotten any worse, and still had deep-pain sensation (which is what was required to determine whether or not spinal surgery would be a success). This gave us a lot of hope for Ian's recovery and surgical outcome. Yay Ian!

Surgery was performed on Tuesday and we trust in our hearts that we have done all that we can for Ian, and hopefully in the next few days we will start to see some improvements like movement in his hind legs again. 

I'm so grateful to have had you read this far into Ian's journey and if you would like to contribute to Ian's surgery costs that would help us so much. I will keep this page updated as his recovery progresses.

*Any excess funds will be donated to Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust*

Thank you

Use of funds

- cost of the myelogram (diagnostic imaging): $700-$900)

- cost of spinal surgery: $3,000

- intensive post-operative care at the vets ~$200; unsure of how long he will be staying at the vets for, so this hasn't been reflected in the total fund amount

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A note on how Ian is going (and a huge thank you!!)  14 April 2020

Posted by: Deane Thomas

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to start off by saying a massive thank you for all the support we have received from each of you!!

Ian's surgery was performed on the 31st of March, and he finally came back home again on the 3rd of April. The last few weeks have felt really long, but he has been making small improvements each day. He is now finally able to stand again for a short while. We are so happy with all the progress he has made so far.

Here is a pic of him getting some well-needed crate rest, we're hoping he will be able to walk again within the next few weeks.

Thank you again for being here with us, and I'll be in touch soon with the next update!

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Private Donor
Private Donor on 10 Apr 2020
Drew on 08 Apr 2020
I love the E E E! 💕
Melissa on 03 Apr 2020
Hi Deanne. Hope this helps toward getting Ian sorted. Much love Melissa
Amanda on 03 Apr 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 Apr 2020

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