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Allow Stace the dream of taking her family on holiday, and to take care of the most important people in her life.

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Stacey is 39 years young, fit, happily married and mother to five gorgeous children.

Out of the blue on Friday 23rd November the Duckmanton's were hit with very heartbreaking news- Stace was diagnosed with bowel cancer which has spread to her liver and spine. There is no cure -there is only treatment to help buy time and keep Stace around a bit longer to make precious memories with her family and friends.

Stace and Ducky (Jeremy) have 5 beautiful children who are understandably broken by this news, Jack - 15 , Isla - 13, Allie - 12, Gabbie - nearly 5, and Walter - 2.

Aside from being super busy with the children, they run two busy dairy farms and are also actively involved in many community and farming groups.

Stace is a much loved wife, mother, daughter, sister, grandaughter, aunty, and friend to many - she lights up any room she walks in to, she is just an all round beautiful person who deserves to live the life she has left to its full potential.

I have set up this page as i know one of Stace's wishes is to take her family on a holiday, where they can make precious memories that will live on forever. If we can give to them this one opportunity it would be amazing and so well deserved.

Having 5 children at the best of times is very busy and im sure so much fun, but Stace's number one worry, is her children so if we can help towards an au pair/nanny to help keep the childrens' lives as normal as possible i know this would mean the world to Stace this will also allow Ducky to spend as much time as possible caring for Stace.

Anyone who knows Ducky and Stace know just how much family means to them, they are the ones who are always giving to others, and now its our turn to take care and give to them during this horrible time.

Stacey Usmar's involvement (page creator)

Im Stace's sister in-law (Jeremys sister) - although she is soooo much more than that to me, she is a best friend and has filled in the gap of a mother in more recent years and is the most amazing aunty! I want to do all i can to help Stace and her beautiful family enjoy all the time they have left together

Use of funds

Go towards a family holiday for the Duckmantons, and also towards a nanny for the care of the children.

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    Guest Donor on 17 May 2019




  • Rachel Soppet

    Rachel Soppet on 02 Apr 2019


    You are the most beautiful person inside and out. You are so incredibly strong and truly showing who is boss here! Keep fighting and keep building these memories with your amazing family 😘


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 28 Mar 2019


    Jeremy and Stacey, Thinking of you all and sending heaps of love x Wish i could do more Michelle ( ducky aka uncle waynes) daughter)


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 28 Feb 2019



  • Isabel Boek (Beardmore)

    Isabel Boek (Beardmore) on 13 Feb 2019


    It hurts my heart to hear of your diagnosis Stacey. Your sister-in-law describes you as someone who lights up the room, which is exactly how I remember you from high school. Your huge grin and sense of fun has stayed with me and I still think of you fondly more than 20 years later. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers. I hope your holiday is special beyond belief. x


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$63,086 donated

Given by 505 generous donors in around 6 months

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