The Baddies are Back - Oscar's Fight - Round 2

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The Baddies are back in our little Buddies Blood, after only 8months cancer free the AML (Leukemia) is back and he has a big fight ahead.


What we all feared the most has been confirmed....

The cancer has come back.

Oscar had a couple of blood tests recently that were concerning followed by a bone marrow aspirate on the 1st April at Starship and the results are not good unfortunately.

AML (Leukaemia) cells are present again in Oscars bone marrow.

We are all so gutted, devastated and heartbroken.

Our little buddy had fought so hard, for so long to be cancer free

That sadly is no longer the case

And that REALLY hurts!

There is one last treatment they can try, we are all so grateful to have that opportunity for Oscar.

This one has to work.

This does mean the whole family has had to move back to Auckland so Oscar can be at Starship with either his mum or dad constantly by his side, whilst they are grateful to have the support of very close family, this means a new school for Isla & Sailor and a new preschool for Sage, and obvioulsy also means neither Gav or Sarah can work.

Gavin, Sarah and our wider family thank everyone so much for all the support this past year and for everyone rallying around again. It is truely heart warming at such a tough time.

Ive had several people reach out from far and wide already- some I dont even know that just want to be able to show their support, so with Gavin and Sarah's humble acceptance, they have allowed me to set up this page.

Judy Rooney's involvement (page creator)

Proud aunty to Oscar, Isla, Sailor and Sage and Tama , sister to Gavin, sister-in-law to Sarah

Use of funds

To suppport Oscar, his Mum and Dad and Brother and Sisters as they have all had to move back to Auckland while Oscar fights his battle with the team at Starship.

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Oscar Update 💚  29 June 2021

Posted by: Sarah Bisman

We’re all in.

Oscar has been through two rounds of chemotherapy treatment, irradiation conditioning treatment & two further doses of chemotherapy.

The bone marrow transplant was done today.

(Oscar is having an umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant).

Sixty eight nights in hospital from eighty nine days so far.

Now will be the most important days, weeks & months.

And we hope for years to come.

We are thankful that we have this opportunity to save Oscars life again.

It’s different to last year & he knows it.

He’s been scared but he’s also been very brave.

Thank you to everyone who has helped & supported Oscar & our family during this time.

We are very grateful.


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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Oct 2021
Kia Kaha Oscar & whanau Lots of love !
Sonia on 08 Sep 2021
You got this Oscar 👊🏼
Macca on 31 Aug 2021
Continue the fight Oscar, our thoughts are with you.
Keep your chin up and continue fighting
Whitehead on 14 Aug 2021
We hope Oscar's transplant has gone as smoothly as possible. Our little girl will be heading in for hers this coming week. Lots of love to your family from ours x

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