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The Dark Side of Light

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This page is to ensure I can share our story with as many people as possible for free, and to educate about harm from blue light.

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My name is Damien McNamara and I am a dark skies advocate, but I dont fight to save our dark skies for astronomy, I fight to save them for our own health and wellbeing.

As research builds and evidence starts to stack up, the negative effects of blue light on our environment, wildlife, plant and fauna life and even us is becoming kore widely known.

At the end of October I gave a talk at the International Starlight Conference where I spoke about our journey through 'The Dark Side of Light.' Our story is about my son who at the age of 10 tried to wnd his life, 30 days after a blue light emitting 114w, 4000K LED was installed outside his bedroom window.

My son is on the Autism Spectrum and has been identified as hypersensitive to light and sound. It was presented at conference that a healthy, adult could have their natural Melatonin production reduced by 50% with just 6 lux of light, I measured 5 lux inside my sons bedroom window.

I now want to take our story on the road, and share it with New Zealand by presenting with in association with each astronomical society, dark sky place and proposed dark sky places. We have no idea how many other people are in the same position we were in, but if I dont share our story far and wide, other people wont know.

At the end of my talk I said 'If we can save us, we automatically save the night sky, because there is no point saving the night sky, if were not here to see it.' For us to be healthy and well, we need dark sky compliant lighting, it goes hand in hand. Its time to take this nationwide as we aim Towards a Dark Skies Nation!

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All funds will go directly to the outreach tour, ensuring we share our story as far as possible, free for anyone to attend. Travel, accommodation, gas, advertising, etc, any surplus finds will go into other ways of sharing our story like a possible book.

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Printing  19 January 2020

Posted by: Damien McNamara

Books are being printed as I type, ebook formats for Google and Amazon are 90% complete, and I have extended the close date on this page through to March 31st to caption the 2 or 3 initial launch events.

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    We are deserved explore the Universe and our life. Night is for us all.


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    Best of luck Damien


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$430 donated

Given by 9 generous donors in around 3 months

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