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The La Luna Project - Period Care Packs

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Help us support Kiwi girls around Aotearoa, who are suffering the harsh realities of period poverty - By donating towards our Care Packs!

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La Luna is a small NZ business & wholesome store - Selling handmade, ethical & sustainable goods, that are made with local ingredients and of course love! At the heart of La Luna, are our Charitable Passion Projects. A portion of each sale made, goes back into our local and nation wide communities, supporting initiatives close to our heart & helping those who need it most! This year, La Luna is working on a range of 'Care Packs for Kids' - with the hope to provide Kiwi Kids who are currently facing the harsh realities of living below the poverty line, with the basic necessities that they currently do not have access to. To begin with, we have released 'Period Care Packs' that aim to target Period Poverty in our schools.

Period Poverty; The inability to afford sanitary items, to keep yourself clean & comfortable, a lack of access to education around what is happening to your body and why.... Every day, girls are forced to skip school, or are having to resort to unhygenic and dangerous items as a replacement to pads or tampons, such as old socks, newspaper and torn up ragged T-shirts. Why? Maybe it's because sanitary items in many ways are still viewed as a "luxury item' with a matching price tag - Rather than an essential? Yes, maybe to some, a few dollars each month is no biggie... But for many Kiwi families, this extra cost can make making ends meet a struggle. Ultimately, like all forms of poverty - This has lead to the creation of a poverty gap between Girls with and Girls without. Creating inequity by taking away opportunities and valuable learning and working time, from those who need it most.

The solution? Well like most things in life, there is never a 'quick fix', but many hands make light work & enough small acts of kindness, are sure to lead us towards a big change! La Luna couldn’t be more excited to have released 'Period Care Packs', as part of our Care Pack's for Kids Passion Project. These packages will include sanitary items, spare underwear, some gentle handcrafted soap, some chocolate OF COURSE & a little information pack with tips on self care etc. These will be stored in sickbays & classrooms and given out whenever needed.

Since releasing these packs, we have been inundated with requests and in all honesty - have been struggling to keep up with the demand. We are currently purchasing all items for the packs, using the donations raised through sales... However the cost of petrol/postage to get these out to schools across the country, has been coming out of our back pockets (which I’d love to be able to do, but I just can’t afford it). So we have created this givealittle page, with the hope that we can do some crowd funding!! 100% of the proceeds earned will go into the cost of delivering these packages and anything left will go into the purchasing of items for these care packages - which would be amazing because then we could get them into even more schools!!

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We are currently raising money towards the creation and distribution of period care packs, to low decile schools around NZ. We currently donate between 10%-50% of our earnings towards these packs and would love your help to reach more kids in need!

Use of funds

All funds will go towards the cost of delivering these packages and anything left will go into the purchasing of items for these care packages.

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$125 donated

Given by 7 generous donors in 7 weeks

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